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Frequently Asked Questions about the Netherlands Museum Pass

  • With some cards it is not possible to register.Mail customer the following information;Subject: Unable to register cardCard number(s), date of purchase and in which museum purchased

    We will ensure that the card is reactivated or you will receive a new number to register.Emailing once is enough, emailing more often means a longer waiting time. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Due to a malfunction, your Netherlands Museum Pass may not have arrived on time. We are checking everything. Everyone is still receiving their card as soon as possible.

    If you have not yet sent an email, please send your Netherlands Museum Pass number and address to

    Emailing once is enough, emailing more often means a longer waiting time. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • You can buy your Netherlands Museum Pass on our website (payment can only be made via iDeal). You will then receive your Netherlands Museum Pass by mail within five working days. You can only use your Netherlands Museum Pass to visit a museum once you have received it.

    At the museum

    To visit a museum now, you can buy your Netherlands Museum Pass on-site. Check which Museum reception desks sell the Netherlands Museum Pass on site. A Netherlands Museum Pass bought at a museum can be used immediately.

    Temporary Netherlands Museum Pass

    When you buy a Netherlands Museum Pass at a museum, you will be given a temporary Netherlands Museum Pass valid for 31 days. Please register your temporary Netherlands Museum Pass on our website as soon as possible. This ensures we can issue a standard Netherlands Museum Pass with your personal details and send it to your home address.

    You can visit a maximum of five museums with your temporary Netherlands Museum Pass. When you buy it, this will be counted as your first visit, whether or not you enter the museum at that time. Your temporary Netherlands Museum Pass will remain valid until you receive your standard Netherlands Museum Pass, but will no longer be valid after you receive it.

  • No family Netherlands Museum Pass is available. The Netherlands Museum Pass is strictly personal. It is intended to be used only by the person whose personal details and photograph are on the Netherlands Museum Pass. You can, however, order several passes on My Netherlands Museum Pass, including for friends or family. You can also add other Museum Passes to your account at My Netherlands Museum Pass.

  • Yes. A temporary Netherlands Museum Pass is valid immediately after purchase. NB: when you buy the temporary Netherlands Museum Pass on-site, that museum will be counted as your first visit. If you give it to someone else, that first visit will have been deducted from the five visits available.

    You can visit a museum five times with a temporary Netherlands Museum Pass. If you give the Netherlands Museum Pass to someone else who is not present at the time of purchase, s/he will only have four visits remaining. S/he can then register on the website in their own name, within 31 days. S/he will then receive their standard Netherlands Museum Pass at their home address within five working days.

  • If you have bought a Netherlands Museum Pass but have not received it, we will send a new Netherlands Museum Pass free of charge. However, you must notify us within six weeks of the expiry date of your old Netherlands Museum Pass, subject to a one-off registration fee of €4.95. Contact Customer Services as soon as possible if you have not yet received your Netherlands Museum Pass. You can do this by phone from the Netherlands on 0900 - 40 40 910 on working days between 09:00 and 17:00, or by email.

  • You will automatically receive a payment slip six or eight weeks before your Netherlands Museum Pass expires. If you wish to renew immediately, log into My Netherlands Museum Pass and renew your Netherlands Museum Pass.

    Tacit renewal of your Netherlands Museum Pass is no longer permitted, so paying by direct debit is no longer possible.

  • If you prefer not to receive a new Netherlands Museum Pass, no action is required. The Netherlands Museum Pass will expire automatically.

    If you wish to cancel to ensure you do not receive any further correspondence from us: call, email or send us a letter.

    • Call us on working days from 09:00 to 17:00, on 0900 - 40 40 910within the Netherlands.
    • Send an email to Customer Services.
    • Send a brief letter to Netherlands Museum Pass Customer Services:

    Klantenservice MuseumkaartPostbus 50202900 EA Capelle a/d IJssel, Netherlands

    State your name and Museum Pass number clearly in your email or letter. We will cancel your Netherlands Museum Pass.

  • Call us on working days from 09:00 to 17:00, on 0900-40 40 910 within the Netherlands. We will block your lost or stolen Netherlands Museum Pass immediately. We will send you a new Netherlands Museum Pass within five working days, subject to a one-off payment of €4.95.

  • Your Netherlands Museum Pass is registered, strictly personal and therefore unique. Only the person whose personal details, including a photo, is on the Netherlands Museum Pass is entitled to the benefits of the Netherlands Museum Pass. A photo of your Netherlands Museum Pass on your phone is not valid at the museums. Theoretically, anyone could take a photo of your Netherlands Museum Pass. Checking this is not possible, as not all Netherlands Museum Passes include a photograph. Only original Netherlands Museum Passes are valid for admission to a museum.

  • If you forget to register your temporary Netherlands Museum Pass, you will unfortunately not be entitled to free admission to museums. Register your temporary Netherlands Museum Pass on the website as soon as possible. You can use the standard Netherlands Museum Pass you receive within five working days to visit museums.

    You can register your temporary Netherlands Museum Pass after the indicated 31-day period. You will then need to wait until you receive your standard Netherlands Museum Pass before you can use it at a museum.

  • MuseumkaartMatch was set up two years ago to check whether Netherlands Museum Passholders were interested in a meeting place, for example for museum fans searching for companions to visit a museum or exhibition. Netherlands Museum Passholders were interested. We have also noticed that visitor requirements are changing. We are therefore working on a new concept. Further information available on this page (Dutch).

  • Your home and email addresses are only used to contact you on behalf of the Netherlands Museum Pass, for example, to send you the standard Netherlands Museum Pass. If you have indicated your agreement, you will receive our monthly Museumtips newsletter in Dutch, with exclusive offers for Netherlands Museum Passholders. Read our Privacy Notice for further information.

  • Court of Appeal rules that the individual right to privacy in one specific case must yield to the general interest in the correct levy of taxes

    On 5 November 2019, the court ruled on appeal that the Tax Authorities rightly requested the visit data of one specific Netherlands Museum Passholder. The Netherlands Museums Association, issuer of the Netherlands Museum Pass, finds this ruling regrettable and remains firmly behind the principle that in our country a visit to a museum should be a matter of security and freedom. For the association, and many who stand behind it, the interest of the fundamental right in society of unrestricted cultural learning weighs heavily. By emphasizing that this ruling pertains to one individual and specific case, the Court of Appeal confirms that this must not automatically lead to the blanket request of privacy-sensitive information on a massive scale, and that the Tax Authorities must exercise their powers in this area “prudently”.

    The ruling of the Court of Appeal follows the decision of the preliminary relief judge last autumn ordering the Netherlands Museums Association to immediately submit the visit data of a holder of a Netherlands Museum Pass to the Tax Authorities. The Netherlands Museums Association did comply with this order at the time, but because the privacy of all Netherlands Museum Passholders is a matter of principle, the association also appealed the decision, which was ruled on by the court on 5 November 2019. In its ruling, the Court of Appeal determined that in this one, specific case, the Tax Authorities used their investigative powers rightly. However, in so doing the Court of Appeal also barred the way to further requests for mass sweeps of data on the activities of passholders in general. This means clarity for the holders of Netherlands Museum Passes, who can be secure in the knowledge that they can continue to visit museums freely and without restriction.

    The Netherlands Museums Association concludes that only in extremely exceptional situations will the general interest in the correct levy of taxes outweigh an individual’s right to privacy. This ruling may be an indication of how legislation and regulations should be applied in an age in which digital data is becoming more and more widespread. The Netherlands Museums Association can now go back to fully focusing on the challenge faced by over 400 museums across the country: building an ongoing connection between all inhabitants of the Netherlands and the wealth of museum collections in our country.

  • Legal entitlement to a refund for the remaining annual contribution

    If your Netherlands Museum Pass was tacitly renewed, you are entitled to cancel it in the intervening period and receive the remaining annual contribution. Tacit renewal is only possible when payment was made between September 1, 2018 and September 30, 2019.

    Do you wish to remove your personal information from our records?

    Would you like your personal information to be erased immediately rather than after 12 months? This is your right. Request this form, sign and send it to Customer Services: Klantenservice Stichting Museumkaart, Postbus 5020, 2900 EA Capelle aan den IJssel, Netherlands. Please enclose a copy of a valid identity document so we can verify your identity. Remember to protect your BurgerServiceNummer (BSN; Netherlands social security number), your identification document number and your photograph, for example by using the KopieID app.

    Would you like to buy a new Netherlands Museum Pass when this one expires?

    Order your Netherlands Museum Pass online at and pay securely using iDeal. Your Netherlands Museum Pass will be sent by mail. Or buy the Netherlands Museum Pass at a museum cash desk. You will then receive a temporary Netherlands Museum Pass, valid for no more than five museum visits and to be registered on within 31 days. A profile photo is required. Your standard Netherlands Museum Pass will be sent to your home address after you have registered.

  • If your household has two or more Netherlands Museum Passes with different expiry dates no more than six weeks apart, the amount on the form covers all the Netherlands Museum Passes. The start and end date of the various Netherlands Museum Passes remain unchanged.

  • The Netherlands Museum Pass is required to comply with the law. The Van Dam Law applies to all contracts entered into with consumers, whether or not the contract concerns the delivery of products or services. The only exception is for association membership. Association statutes may determine the duration of membership and the notice period. The operations of the Netherlands Museum Pass are the responsibility of a foundation, which is unfortunately not covered by the exception.

    For tacit renewal by direct debit, the statutory notice period is a maximum of one month and the consumer must be reimbursed for the months the service is not used. A notice period of one month is not sufficient for the Netherlands Museum Pass because the special offer of free access to more than 400 museums is based on a 12-month period. Tacit renewal is no longer permitted, so we have now implemented a new Netherlands Museum Pass ordering system using a payment slip. We intend to introduce fast and secure payment using iDeal or a QR code soon.


The Netherlands Museum Pass | Museum/nl\? ›

We absolutely recommend the Museumkaart to any Dutch residents and expats. It can offer fantastic value over the whole year. The card is great for the ability to just pop into a museum for 30 minutes and visit a new exhibition – and you won't feel the pressure to see everything.

Is the museum Pass in Netherlands worth it? ›

We absolutely recommend the Museumkaart to any Dutch residents and expats. It can offer fantastic value over the whole year. The card is great for the ability to just pop into a museum for 30 minutes and visit a new exhibition – and you won't feel the pressure to see everything.

What is the Dutch museum Pass for tourists? ›

The Amsterdam Holland Pass or Holland Pass, provides you with free admission and discounts on admission in over 100 museum and tourist attractions in Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Leiden and Utrecht. The Holland Pass allows you to discover the best culture, gastronomy and leisure activities.

How much is Museum Card in Netherlands? ›

The Museum Card is a personal pass to enter more than 400 Museums in the Netherlands! It is valid one full year and it costs €59.90 (€32.45 up to 18 years of age) + a one time starting fee of €4.95. A cheap way to explore Dutch museums, and every time you wish to!

Are museums in the Netherlands free? ›

Various museums and art spaces don't charge visitors a penny to enter, and there are fantastic free outdoor exhibitions, hidden sculpture gardens and incredible public artworks to be discovered all over the city.

Which card is best for Amsterdam? ›

Mastercard and Visa are the most widely accepted credit cards in the Dutch retail space; American Express tends to be accepted only by major retailers in the Netherlands who have an international client base – although Amex acceptance is growing.

Does the I Amsterdam card include airport train? ›

Train travel from the airport

Train travel is not included with the City Card, such as the journey from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to Amsterdam Central Station.

Does the Museum Pass include the Louvre? ›

If you purchase a 4 or 6-day Paris Pass, you can also pick up a Paris Museum Pass when you arrive in the city. So, on top of all the amazing attractions included with your Paris Pass, you'll also gain free entry to over 50 top museums including the Louvre, Musée d'Orsay and the Arc de Triomphe.

Is Arc de Triomphe included in Museum Pass? ›

The Paris Museum Pass not only allows for free admission to a number of the top-visited attractions in Paris (i.e., Louvre, Orsay Museum, Arc de Triomphe, Versailles), but it also allows you to skip the long entrance lines at many of these attractions.

Is the Anne Frank House included in the Amsterdam city Card? ›

Does the I amsterdam city card give free entry to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam? No, unfortunately the card does not offer free or discounted entry to the Anne Frank House museum.

Is Van Gogh Museum included in Amsterdam card? ›

List of museums and attractions included in Amsterdam. The Amsterdam Pass will give you entrance to two of Amsterdam's most famous museums: The Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum.

Does I Amsterdam card include Van Gogh? ›

NOTE: Over 70 of Amsterdam's biggest attractions like the Van Gogh Museum, Rembrandt Museum, Rijksmuseum and a canal cruise are included with this card, but the one major exception that is NOT included is the Anne Frank House, so keep that in mind.

What museums are included in the museum Pass Amsterdam? ›

  • Buy Museum Tickets.
  • Children Science Museum NEMO in Amsterdam.
  • Amsterdam Maritime Museum.
  • Madame Tussauds in Amsterdam.
  • Amsterdam Rijksmuseum.
  • Stedelijk Museum.
  • Anne Frank House.
  • Van Gogh Museum.

Can you visit the Netherlands without speaking Dutch? ›

This is absolutely no problem. You can stay here for as long as your tourist visa lasts without having to learn Dutch. And if you speak English, you will find that many Netherlanders speak English as a second language. But if you want to live in the Netherlands, you must learn Dutch.

Are bathrooms free in the Netherlands? ›

How much do Dutch public toilets cost? Typically, such places charge €0.50, which you are expected to pay to the toiletjuffrouw before using the facilities. Sometimes, the fees are higher. (I've only seen up to a €0.50 charge, but have heard of places that actually expect you to pay a €1 entry fee.)

Do you need to book tickets to museums in Amsterdam? ›

It is highly recommended to purchase your Amsterdam tickets in advance. Amsterdam museums & attractions are quite popular and waiting lines are getting longer. online tickets with Tiqets. And to make your visit easier and cheaper, have a look at offered Amsterdam City Passes.

Can I use US dollars in Amsterdam? ›

In Amsterdam, as well as in all the Netherlands and many other countries of European Community the accepted currency is Euro (EUR, €), no other currencies are commonly accepted, so you will have to change your dollars, sterling, yens, etc to Euros.

Can I use my US debit card in Amsterdam? ›

Cards are accepted in most places

Major credit cards and debit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express are widely accepted in the Netherlands at restaurants, hotels, and tourist destinations. Although some small shops may charge a fee of anywhere from 2-6% if you use them.

Is it better to take cash or card to Amsterdam? ›

Be sure to carry cash

In the Netherlands, credit cards are not the most commonly used method for payments. In daily life, the Dutch hardly use them. Instead, payments are often made with debit cards. Please make sure to bring cash and ask personnel in advance whether you can pay by credit card.

What attractions are free with I Amsterdam card? ›

Free entrance to major attractions such as:
  • Canal cruise.
  • Van Gogh Museum.
  • Stedelijk Museum.
  • Rembrandt House Museum.
  • Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour.
  • Nemo Science Museum.
  • Hermitage Amsterdam.
  • Rijksmuseum.
Feb 22, 2023

Is it worth getting a travel card in Amsterdam? ›

If you're planning a packed itinerary of sight-seeing and museum-visiting during your trip, the I amsterdam card could be the best value pass for you.

How to book Van Gogh with I Amsterdam card? ›

Students and visitors who are ICOM members, Stadspass holders, VriendenLoterij VIP-KAART or Rembrandt card holders, please order your tickets online. Along with your e-ticket (as a print or on your smartphone or tablet), your valid discount pass will be scanned at the entrance.

How much is the Louvre entrance fee? ›

Does museum Pass Paris include Versailles? ›

The Paris Museum Pass grants admission to the Palace of Versailles, the Estate of Trianon and more than 60 museums and monuments in Paris and the Paris region.

Is Notre Dame included in museum Pass? ›

With the Paris Museum Pass you get unlimited visits to more than 60 museums in and around Paris including the Louvre, and see places like Notre Dame Cathedral and the Pompidou Centre.

Is the Eiffel Tower included in the Paris Pass? ›

Paris Explorer Pass

Attractions include the Eiffel Tower, Seine River Cruise, Opera Garnier and many more.

Is Sacre Coeur on museum Pass? ›

Famous Paris Museums & Monuments Covered by the Paris Museum Pass. Arc de Triomphe Rooftop Terrace - Enjoy some of the best views of the Paris skyline, including the Eiffel Tower, Champs-Elysées, and Sacre Coeur.

Is Paris pass the same as museum Pass? ›

The Paris Pass is a comprehensive sightseeing pass that includes the Paris Museum Pass, the Paris Visite Pass, a one-day hop-on, hop-off bus tour, a Seine boat cruise, a wine tasting at Les Caves du Louvre and walking tours — plus discounts at popular shops, department stores, and restaurants.

How much does an Amsterdam city Card cost? ›

I amsterdam City Card prices in 2023
Card valid forPriceBook online
48 hours€ 85Book online >>
72 hours€ 100Book online >>
96 hours€ 115Book online >>
120 hours€ 125Book online >>
1 more row
Jun 1, 2023

What does I Amsterdam card include? ›

The I amsterdam City Card offers a unique way to explore Amsterdam. You get access to all major highlights and more than 70 museums, city-wide public transport, a canal cruise and bicycle rent.

Is there a dress code for Anne Frank House? ›

There is no dress code, shorts are allowed.

What is the Rembrandt card for Amsterdam? ›

These museums in turn offer the members of the association free admission to the permanent collections with the Rembrandt card (Rembrandtkaart). With the Rembrandt card you have free access to more than 120 museums throughout the Netherlands. From the smallest to the largest.

How much is a ticket at the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam? ›

How long does it take to go through the Van Gogh exhibit in Amsterdam? ›

How much time should I spend at the Van Gogh Museum? Depending on how much time you spend on each exhibit, the visit can take anything between 1 hour to 2 hours. On average, visitors spend 1 hour and 15 minutes to properly explore the permanent exhibit.

Is the Rijksmuseum free with Citypass? ›

The Amsterdam City Pass not only provides free entrance to the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum and a free canal trip and airport transfer, your pass also includes significant savings on museums and attractions such as the Stedelijk Museum (modern art), the Heineken Experience and bicycle tours and excursions.

Is The Starry Night in the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam? ›

Van Gogh's rolling night sky full of bright stars is probably one of the world's most famous artworks. The Starry Night's home is at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

What do you wear to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam? ›

What should I wear to visit Van Gogh Museum. While there's no specific dress code, you should keep in mind that you won't be able to bring rucksacks, umbrellas or larger backpacks and items into the museum. Jackets and handbags are allowed, while all other items will have to be left in the cloakroom.

Is the tram in Amsterdam free? ›

GVB (tram, metro, bus) tickets

While using public transport in Amsterdam you have to check-in and check-out (present your ticket to a validator on board). The ticket becomes valid the first time you check-in. Children up to 4 years old travel for free. A ticket for children aged 4 – 11 in 2023 costs € 4,50 per day.

What are the big three museums in Amsterdam? ›

Museum Quarter is home to three famous museums – Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art – showcasing the brilliance of Dutch masters, modern art and impressionists.

Is body worlds included in Amsterdam card? ›

Free admission to Body Worlds with the I Amsterdam Card!

Does the Netherlands allow American tourists? ›

Most travelers from United States can enter Netherlands, but there are restrictions.

How do you say hi in Netherlands? ›

If you want to say hi in Dutch, you would simply say “hoi”. The more formal hello is “hallo”. Regional varieties of “hi” include “heuj”, “alo” and “huijj” but sticking to “hoi” or “hallo” is generally all you need.

Is it OK to speak English in Amsterdam? ›

Yes! English is very widely spoken in Amsterdam and in the Netherlands as a whole. It might surprise you to know that not only do they speak English in Amsterdam, but more than 90% of the population can actually speak it fluently at the level of a native speaker. So, language barriers aren't too common!

Why are Dutch toilets different? ›

Arguably the most alarming feature of a Water Closet is the infamous Dutch toilet bowl. Dutch engineers have designed the bowl itself to contain a plateau set well above the normal water level.

Do people drink tap water in the Netherlands? ›

Yes. Tap water in the Netherlands has to meet very stringent biological and chemical safety requirements, and its quality is safeguarded through regular, strict monitoring.

What are toilets called in the Netherlands? ›

In Dutch there are two words for it: toilet and wc. Mag ik even naar de wc?

Do I need to book Canal tour in Amsterdam? ›

Do I Need to Book an Amsterdam Canal Cruise in Advance. It is possible to purchase tickets last minute at some of the canal cruise departure locations. However, I recommend booking your tour in advance to ensure that tickets are available for the day and time of your choice.

Do you need cash for Red Light District Amsterdam? ›

For those visiting sex workers, yes, cash is needed. They do not tend to accept credit cards. Other than that though, there's no cost to walk through the streets of the Red Light District.

Is it worth getting a travel pass in Amsterdam? ›

In summary, the Amsterdam Travel Ticket can be a good value choice for those on a shorter visit needing the airport trip included. It is recommended if you are staying around Schiphol Airport, Sloterdijk or Bijlmer Arena.

Should I get Amsterdam Pass? ›

For a lot of visitors, the Go City Amsterdam Pass can be a pretty good deal — especially for first-timers wanting to explore the city's highlights and do a few of the “touristy” things. However, if you just want to do a museum or two then it's better to skip the pass.

What museums are included in museum Pass Amsterdam? ›

The Amsterdam Pass will give you entrance to two of Amsterdam's most famous museums: The Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. It lets you make use of the train from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam Central Station and a cruise down the UNESCO World Heritage-listed canal ring.

Do I need cash or card for Amsterdam? ›

The Netherlands is a very modern country. You can pay with cash or a debit card, and often with your phone via NFC, Apple Pay, or Google Wallet.

How much is a train ticket from Schiphol to Amsterdam Central? ›

TRAIN: NS (Dutch Railways) train from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam Central (single €5.90 including €1 surcharge for a disposable ticket, 15-20 mins).

Which Amsterdam Pass includes the Van Gogh Museum? ›

Museumkaart - Museum Pass as Alternative:

This pass offers free admission to many museums in the Netherlands and therefore also in Amsterdam and Holland. Among the approximately 450 free museums you will find the Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, Rembrandt House and many other museums in Amsterdam.

What are the cons of travel money card? ›

They can be pricier. Travel card fees tend to be higher than the typical credit/debit card. There can be fees for: Loading and reloading pre-paid cards.

Should I stay in the red light district Amsterdam? ›

Every other type of drug is still illegal in the Netherlands, and it's definitely against the law to be procuring any form of narcotics from dealers on the street. Amsterdam's Red Light District is mostly safe for travelers who come to see it by day.

Can you go in Amsterdam without knowing Dutch? ›

This is absolutely no problem. You can stay here for as long as your tourist visa lasts without having to learn Dutch. And if you speak English, you will find that many Netherlanders speak English as a second language. But if you want to live in the Netherlands, you must learn Dutch.

Does the museum Pass include the Louvre? ›

If you purchase a 4 or 6-day Paris Pass, you can also pick up a Paris Museum Pass when you arrive in the city. So, on top of all the amazing attractions included with your Paris Pass, you'll also gain free entry to over 50 top museums including the Louvre, Musée d'Orsay and the Arc de Triomphe.

Is the Eiffel Tower on the museum Pass? ›

If you want to visit the Eiffel Tower (like most visitors) it is not included as part of the Paris Museum Pass. We recommend booking your ticket in advance (or do a guided tour) to save time here waiting in line. See our guide to visiting the Eiffel Tower for lots of tips and advice for planning your visit.

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