Report a problem with Maps on Mac (2023)

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Report a problem with Maps on Mac (1)

You can report inaccurate or incomplete information about locations, directions, and more.

Note: To report an issue, you must have a Mac with Apple silicon, the Apple T2 Security Chip, or a Touch Bar. See the Apple Support articles Mac computers with Apple silicon and Mac models with the Apple T2 Security Chip.

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Open Maps for me

  1. In the Maps app Report a problem with Maps on Mac (2) on your Mac, choose Maps > Report an Issue.

  2. Click the New Report button Report a problem with Maps on Mac (3), then choose one of the following:

    • Add to Maps

    • Report Street Issue

    • Report Place Issue

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  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to provide the requested information, and include any additional information.

  4. Click Submit.

    You can review any reports you submitted in the last 90 days. Click the User Account button Report a problem with Maps on Mac (4) in the toolbar, then click Reports.

You can also report an issue for a location from its place card. Click a location on the map, scroll down in the place card, click Report an Issue, then follow the onscreen instructions.

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Report a problem with Maps on Mac? ›

If Apple Maps isn't working, you probably need a stronger internet connection. Even if you have an internet connection, Apple Maps also needs a strong GPS signal, which isn't always easy to get. Apple Maps also needs Location Access permission, which you can manage in the Settings app.

How do I report an issue to Apple Maps? ›

From the main Maps screen
  1. Tap your image next to the search field, then tap Reports.
  2. Select an option like Report Street Issue or Report Place Issue.
  3. Enter your information, then tap Agree.
  4. Add the information for the issue, then tap Send.
Feb 28, 2023

Why is Maps not working on my Mac? ›

If Apple Maps isn't working, you probably need a stronger internet connection. Even if you have an internet connection, Apple Maps also needs a strong GPS signal, which isn't always easy to get. Apple Maps also needs Location Access permission, which you can manage in the Settings app.

How do I contact Apple map support? ›

Contact Apple Support
  1. U.S. technical support: (800) APL–CARE (800–275–2273)
  2. See all worldwide support telephone numbers.
  3. Contact a mobile carrier.
  4. Make a reservation at an Apple Retail Store Genius Bar.
  5. Beats support: (800) 442–4000 (U.S.) or see all worldwide support telephone numbers.

How do I fix directions on Apple Maps? ›

If Apple Maps is giving you wrong directions, disable and re-enable Location Services. Then check your signal strength, and free up some space. Additionally, check your date and time settings, and then update and restart your device. If the issue persists, reinstall Maps, and report the problem to Apple.

How do I reset Apple Maps? ›

iPhone and iPad:
  1. Go to the Settings menu and tap on “Privacy”.
  2. Tap on “Location Services”.
  3. Scroll down and select “System Services” from the list.
  4. Go to “Significant Locations”. You'll be asked to enter your passcode or Touch ID.
  5. Tap on “Clear History”.

How do I fix Maps not working? ›

How to Fix Google Maps Not Working on Android and iPhone?
  1. Method 1: Clear the App's Cache & Data.
  2. Method 2: Update Google Maps.
  3. Method 3: Restart the App.
  4. Method 4: Check the Network Settings.
  5. Method 5: Calibrate Google Maps.
  6. Method 6: Check the Location.
  7. Method 7: Enable Background App Refresh.
  8. Method 8: Restart Your Phone.

Why has Maps stopped working? ›

Enable Location Accuracy

Location accuracy issues are the most common reasons for Google Maps not working properly. When you turn the setting on, it should provide precise location data, and Maps would be able to pinpoint your correct location. Here's how to do this: On your device, launch the Google Maps app.

Can you reinstall Apple Maps? ›

How do I restore my maps navigation that was a built in app after being deleted. On your iOS device, go to the App Store. Search for the app. Make sure that you use the exact name of the app.

Who is the map provider for Apple Maps? ›

The main provider of map data is TomTom, but data is also supplied by Automotive Navigation Data, Getchee, Hexagon AB, IGN, Increment P, Intermap Technologies, LeadDog, MDA Information Systems, OpenStreetMap, and Waze.

What is telephone number 800 275 2273? ›

The data thieves have been disguising themselves as Apple employees in effort to gain access to iCloud users' accounts. If customers have any questions about their account security Apple advises them to call their tech support number 800-275-2273.

What is the Apple helpline phone number? ›

How do I fix my address on Maps? ›

Fix an address
  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Maps app .
  2. Search for an address.
  3. Tap Suggest an edit. Change name or other details.
  4. Move the map to the center of the building.
  5. Enter the address information. Then, tap Post.

How do I report wrong street name on Apple Maps? ›

Open the Maps app on your iPhone. Scroll to the very bottom of the main screen to find "Report an Issue" to file a report: Also, you will not likely get an immediate response due to backlogs.

How do I contact Google Maps support? ›

Create a support case
  1. Visit the Google Maps Platform Support Create a Case page in the Cloud Console. ...
  2. Select the project related to your question in the top dropdown bar of the Cloud Console.
  3. Fill out the form in detail.
  4. Once your case is created, you can correspond with Support via Email.

How do I correct my Google Maps information? ›

Change a place's name, location, or other details
  1. Open Google Maps .
  2. Search for a place or select it on the map.
  3. Select Suggest an edit. Change name or other details.
  4. Follow onscreen instructions to submit your feedback.


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