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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is the fourth largest Dutch airline KLM is owned by Air France-KLM. Regarding the number of passengers transported by KLM, it is additionally the fourth largest airline company in Europe. The airline is a member of SkyTeam. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is where the airline's hub is located. KLM subsidiary airlines include KLM Cityhopper, KLM Asia and others. The company has 120 fleets and flies to 145 destinations.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines - flight delay (1)


Amsterdamseweg 55, 1182 GP Amstelveen, Netherlands


Flight irregularity

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KLM's frequent flyer programme is Flying Blue. Follow the guidelines in the link in order to join the programme. Contact details for KLM Service Centre can be found here.

KLM check-in

KLM offers a choice of check-in methods – your mobile device, online, airport check-in machines, or at the check-in desk at the airport.

Please check in at the airline desk at the airport of departure when flying with pets or in case you need special on-board services.

Find further information about KLM check-in options here.

KLM online check-in

Online check-in is available from 30 hours prior to time of departure and makes it possible for passengers to select a seat and print out their boarding pass or receive it on their mobile phone (make sure of the availability of mobile check-in in the airport you are departing from). To process online check-in for your current flight with KLM, please follow the link.

Mobile check-in online KLM

From 30 hours prior to departure, you can check in, select your seat, and receive your boarding pass using your smartphone or tablet. Make sure to check the possibility of mobile check-in in the airport you are departing from.

If there are any issues with your mobile boarding pass, you may pick up a standard paper boarding pass from a check-in machine (if available in the departure airport) or from the airline check-in counter in the airport. This further applies in case you have any difficulties with your phone, or if you delete your boarding pass mistakenly.

KLM check-in machines

These machines make it possible for you to check in yourself at the airport. Make sure to check that check-in machines are available prior to travelling to the airport you are departing from. You can typically check in at the machine either with your passport, or by typing your last name and booking reference, which is in your booking confirmation.

KLM flight check-in deadlines

Check-in deadlines exist so that flights depart on time. Ahead of the deadline you must have your boarding pass, however you checked in – in person, online, via your mobile phone, or if you were automatically checked in – and baggage should also have been checked in.

For more information in relation to check-in deadlines for KLM, please follow the link.

KLM baggage allowance and regulations

You can view more detailed information about KLM's baggage policy here.

KLM Carry-on baggage

The number of items of carry-on baggage permitted with KLM flights depends on the travel class of the flight ticket. Carry-on baggage has to fall within airline regulations.

If the carry-on baggage does not conform to regulations, it has to be checked in at a KLM desk or a self-service bag drop kiosk, if possible. You could be required to pay extra fees for this.

Dimensions of carry-on baggage – max. 55 x 35 x 25 cm
Foldable garment bag dimensions – max. 40 x 30 x 15 cm

Economy Class – 1 carry-on baggage item up to 12 kg
Business Class – 2 carry-on baggage items, each up to 18 kg

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Additional details regarding allowance for carry-on baggage are here.

KLM checked baggage

The ticket fare and travel class establish your free baggage allowance.

Dimension regulations for checked-in baggage – max. 158 cm (width + height + depth)

Checked baggage allowance

Economy class – 1 item of baggage up to 23 kg
Business Class – 2 items of baggage, each up to 32 kg

Excess and special baggage

A few points should be noted for excess and special baggage items.

You can read more information in relation to this and flat fees here.

KLM excess baggage

Economy Class – over 23 kg (maximum 32 kg) and/or above 158 cm (width + height + depth, a maximum limit of 300 cm)
Business Class – above 158 cm (width + height + depth, a maximum limit of 300 cm)

KLM baggage regulations: Sports equipment

Whatever sports baggage you are taking with you, you can read all the essential information to plan for your trip here.
There is limited room allotted for larger items, so it is advisable to make a reservation with the airline no later than 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure time.

Follow the link for sports equipment rules on size and weight, as well as flat rates.

Baggage problems with KLM airlines

When baggage gets damaged, or does not arrive at your destination, it is because of a variety of reasons. Difficulties with your baggage can be because of technical problems in the baggage handling area, poor weather conditions, or the baggage tag coming off your luggage.

For details on baggage compensation claims, or tracking baggage, follow this link.

Damaged / delayed baggage claim

A statement has to be made promptly to the KLM baggage tracing desk or service counter if your baggage is damaged or has not arrived at the destination airport. Every flight document must be kept, above all your baggage claim tag and boarding pass.

Written confirmation is always a requirement, and also a reference number of your claim. It is necessary to save this until the baggage delivery or claim resolution.

You can also pursue a claim for baggage problems with MYFLYRIGHT's services, which you can find out more about here.

KLM flight travel classes

The level of accommodation aboard an airplane is set out by the travel class of the flight ticket. The number of classes offered varies by airline. Passengers can pick from KLM's 2 travel classes – Economy and Business. Cabin classes are then also separated into invisible booking classes, which provide varying services.

You can find more information respecting KLM travel classes here.

KLM Economy Class

This is the most affordable travel class offered. Economy Class with KLM is available for any flights.

Seats – 30-31-inch seat pitch
On-board entertainment – TV series, films, music, and games are available on long-haul flights
On-board meal – provided on intercontinental flights

KLM Business Class

A class which offers passengers additional comfort. Business Class differs from other classes due to seating quality, on-board food, beverages and extras, as well as the ground service provided.

(Video) KLM REVIEW | DISAPPOINTING?! | Mumbai - Amsterdam | Economy Class | Boeing 777-200ER

KLM Business Class on short and medium-haul routes

Passenger benefits

Priority check-in – passengers can use the priority check-in counters
Additional baggage – 2 items of carry-on baggage
Lounges – access to lounges at many airports worldwide
Priority boarding – boarding the plane first
Seats – empty middle seat, more legroom, greater recline
On-board meal – a full meal provided

Detailed information on KLM short-haul and medium-haul flights with Business Class can be read here.

Business Class: KLM long-haul routes

Passenger benefits

Priority check-in – passengers can use the priority check-in counters
Additional baggage – 2 items of carry-on baggage
Lounges – access to lounges at many airports worldwide
Priority boarding – boarding the plane first
Seats – a spacious seat that can be converted into a fully-flat bed
On-board meal – three-course menu prepared by famous Dutch chefs
On-board entertainment – passengers are able to choose from personal entertainment screen with films, music, games, etc. with KLM's inflight entertainment

Read further details with respect to KLM Business Class for long-haul flights by following the link.

KLM Lounges

No lounge information available for this airline.

Flying with a baby or child on KLM flights

Individual seats are required for children from the age of two (2).

Regulations differ according to country with respect to children under a certain age travelling on their own, or children who are accompanied by an adult.

Before the flight, ensure you have all required travel documents, in order to check you won't be denied entry or exit by the country.

Carrycots – reservation available for intercontinental flights, for babies less than 10 kg and less than 65 cm in length. Reservation must be done in advance. The seat for the carrycot may require an additional seat reservation fee.

Children’s menu – available on board. Reservation required up to 24 hours before departure. To find out more, go here.

For further detailed information about travelling with KLM with children, go here.

Travelling with pets on KLM flights

Travelling with pets with KLM is allowed. Requires booking through Customer Service line no later than 48 hours before departure.

You can travel with pets, with an added charge as additional carry-on baggage or for transport via the cargo hold – although this is dependent on the weight and scale of the animal, along with country and other airline rules.

Additional detailed information on flying with pets with KLM is available on this page.

MYFLYRIGHT On-Time-Ranking for airports and airlines

The On-Time-Ranking is a dynamic ranking and evaluation system developed by MYFLYRIGHT.

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In this ranking we are currently monitoring and analyzing 114 airports and 65 airlines. Airport and airlines were selected based on three main criteria:

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines - flight delay (2)

Relevant to European travel

We have selected airports and airlines that have a significant contribution to the European travel. Therefore, all airports that have been selected are from the EU and airlines with significant traffic within or from/ to the European Union.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines - flight delay (3)

Data quality

We are focusing only on airports and airlines where we have enough data points to make adequate analyses and evaluations.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines - flight delay (4)

Traffic importance

We do not track the performance of micro airports with only a few flights per day. Instead, we only focus on airports and airlines with a moderate to high traffic.

If you would like to learn more about MYFLYRIGHT On-Time-Ranking for airports and airlines please click here.


MYFLYRIGHT is a legal tech company, specialized in the support of airline passengers affected by flight delays, flight cancellations, denied boarding, delayed or lost luggage and the refund of unused airline tickets. MYFLYRIGHT was founded 2016 in Hamburg, Germany. The company operates out of 3 offices, its headquarter in Hamburg and its branches in Prague, Czech Republic and Zaporizhia, Ukraine. Currently, MYFLYRIGHT employs a team of around 25 people working in Marketing, Operations, Legal, Customer Support and IT. The organization operates across 5 markets – Germany, United Kingdom, Romania, Austria, and Switzerland.

MYFLYRIGHT’s goal is to provide access to justice for all aviation passengers who experience irregularities in their flight transportation. Notably, 75% of all compensation requests submitted by passengers get rejected. Whereas, MYFLYRIGHT is able to successfully execute the applicable customer claims in more than 98% of cases at court.

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Why are KLM Cancelling flights? ›

Airlines were cancelling flights to reduce the number of passengers who needed to clear security, primarily at Schiphol's request. By reducing the lines, the airlines also have a better chance that their remaining scheduled flights depart on time.

How long of a delay until you get compensation? ›

You can usually get compensation if: you booked both flights as a single booking. you were delayed for more than 3 hours. the delay was the airline's fault.

How much compensation do you get for a 4 hour flight delay? ›

All short-haul flight delays – 1,500 km or less: 250 EUR per person. Internal EU flight delay (medium and long-haul) – over 1,500 km: 400 EUR per person. Non-internal EU flight delay (medium and long-haul) – between 1,500 – 3,500 km: 400 EUR per person.

Do I get a refund if my flight is delayed? ›

My flight is delayed - am I entitled to money or other compensation from the airline? No. There are no federal laws requiring airlines to provide passengers with money or other compensation when their flights are delayed. Each airline has its own policies about what it will do for delayed passengers.

Does KLM cancel a lot of flights? ›

Dutch carrier KLM has cancelled the most flights compared to other major European airlines.

What happens if KLM cancels your flight? ›

If your flight was cancelled by KLM, you can: Change your travel dates free of cost. Rebook your new at no additional charge within the same travel class if it is 30 days before or after your original flight's date. However, if your rebook beyond this period, a fare difference may apply.

Can I get compensation for 1 hour delayed flight? ›

If it's the airlines fault, then you are eligible for a compensation. On the other hand, if the delay is caused by unforeseen extraordinary circumstances out of the airline's control, such as strikes, bad weather, technical faults, etc., then you can't claim a compensation.

How do I claim for delayed flight? ›

If you believe you have the right to claim compensation or reimbursement, you should contact your airline or airport directly. Compensation is not automatic, and you will need to contact your airline to make a claim. Many airlines and airports will have a claims procedure for you to follow.

What if my flight is delayed by 2 hours? ›

If the delay is between two and five hours, the airline must offer passengers free-of-charge meals and refreshment based on the time the flight is delayed. If the delay is six hours or more, the airline must communicate the rescheduled time 24 hours before the scheduled departure time.

Why are flights delayed 2022 today? ›

More than 1 in 5 domestic flights delayed early in 2022

"The shortage of pilots and airport workers left over from pandemic-era employee cuts has left many airlines struggling to match the high demand brought on by summer travel," says Sophia Mendel, ValuePenguin travel expert.

What is considered a significant flight delay? ›

Under federal law, airlines are obliged to provide a full refund to customers if a flight is significantly delayed and the passenger chooses not to travel. What constitutes a significant delay is determined by the airline, but Mr. Keyes said that two hours is usually a good rule of thumb.

Which airline is Cancelling the most? ›

American Airlines has canceled the most flights among major U.S. carriers with more than 19,000 cancellations, according to Reuters, followed by Southwest Airlines with more than 17,000 cancellations. Delta Air Lines had the fewest cancellations with only about 10,000 canceled flights.

Is KLM usually on time? ›

With an average on-time performance of 86%, KLM can be considered as one of the most punctual airlines in the world: 14% of the Dutch airline's flights arrive 15 minutes late or more.

Is KLM airline reliable? ›

With diverse destinations and quality services, KLM has a strong reputation. Skytrax certifies KLM as a 4-Star airline for onboard and airport service and quality.

Will KLM automatically rebook my Cancelled flight? ›

We're sorry we had to cancel your flight. Usually, you will automatically be rebooked to the next available option. If you'd rather go for another one, you can pick one of your likings. Follow the regular steps to choose a new flight via My Trip.

Who is responsible if flight is Cancelled? ›

But in a routine cancellation, you have two basic contractual rights on any airline, subject to minor variations: either (1) a seat on your original airline's next available flight, or (2) a refund for the unused portion of your ticket. Some airlines go beyond those bare-bones rights.

How do I know if my KLM flight is Cancelled? ›

If KLM cancels a flight, we inform you by text message, email or telephone. It is therefore important that you provide your contact details when you make a booking. We will inform you of the available rebooking options or let you know if you have already been rebooked.

How long can an airline delay a flight without compensation? ›

For flights within the U.S., if you are delayed on the tarmac for more than 3 hours, you are entitled to compensation per the DOT guidelines.

Can you claim compensation for a 3 hour flight delay? ›

Delays must be three hours+ to claim

Compensation for delays is only due on flights arriving three hours or more late. How long the delay is determines how much you could be entitled to.

What percentage of flights are delayed 2022? ›

Nearly 7% of flights in the first four months of 2022 were delayed for this reason.

Why are so many flights being Cancelled in Europe? ›

Staffing shortages are among the issues contributing to long lines at airport security, lost luggage, delays and cancellations. The airport's decision has forced other major airlines also to cancel or re-route flights.

Why are airlines delaying so many flights? ›

But by far, the bigger problem has been the pilot shortage. “We have a baby boomer generation that's coming up to retirement, and that is quite a big generation. So the industry is losing a lot of pilots who were, quite frankly, given offers to resign early when flight levels were down.” Baier says.

What happens if your flight is delayed more than 5 hours? ›

Once the delay at departure has reached 5 hours, you then have a choice: either keep waiting and take your flight, or abandon your flight. Whichever option you choose, know that after a 5-hour delay, the airline must grant you: a full refund if you haven't travelled yet (this is the start of your trip), OR.

How long is a typical flight delay? ›

Keeping in mind the previously noted definition of a delay, the question quickly arises as to, how long is the average delay? The average delay on departing flights is 12.4 minutes.

Why is KLM Cancelling flights to Amsterdam? ›

We're currently facing operational issues for flights departing from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. These issues mainly occur during the security check. Unfortunately, the queues at the security check are much longer than usual, which strongly impacts the waiting time.

Why are so many flights getting cancel? ›

There are several reasons flights are being canceled, and there's currently a lot of finger-pointing, too. Contributing factors include: Airline issues, like not having enough staff. Mechanical issues and delays may be compounded by staffing shortages.

Why are so many flights being Cancelled recently? ›

Why Are Flights Being Canceled? There are many reasons that flights are being canceled and delayed at unprecedented rates, ranging from the usual reasons (bad weather) to those of the pandemic era — such as rising fuel prices, COVID-19 case rates, air traffic control issues and staffing shortages.

Why are the airlines canceling all their flights? ›

Why are airlines cancelling flights? There are several reasons why airlines are cutting back on their flight schedules, but it's chiefly due to staff shortages. Airlines and airports around the world made many staff redundant during the pandemic, thereby reducing the number of passengers they could handle.

Are there still delays at Schiphol Airport? ›

We're currently facing operational issues for flights departing from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, leading to long waiting times at the airport. Here's our up-to-date overview with more information and tips on what you can do. Travelling from another airport? Please note that many airports are facing similar challenges.

How do I know if my flight is Cancelled KLM? ›

If KLM cancels a flight, we inform you by text message, email or telephone. It is therefore important that you provide your contact details when you make a booking. We will inform you of the available rebooking options or let you know if you have already been rebooked.

How many flights did KLM cancel? ›

That amounts to a maximum of 2,080 canceled flights over the next eight weeks.

How much do airline pilots make? ›

Quick Facts: Airline and Commercial Pilots
2021 Median Pay$134,630 per year
Typical Entry-Level EducationSee How to Become One
Work Experience in a Related OccupationSee How to Become One
On-the-job TrainingModerate-term on-the-job training
3 more rows
4 Oct 2022

Which airline has the least cancellations and delays? ›

Allegiant Air had the lowest on-time percentage of any of the major 10 airlines, being on time only 61.96% of the time from July 2021 to July 2022, according to the data. Of Allegiant's delays and cancellations, 8.45% were an air carrier delay and 4.34% were due to a canceled or diverted flight.

Why are European flights being Cancelled? ›

Staffing shortages are among the issues contributing to long lines at airport security, lost luggage, delays and cancellations. The airport's decision has forced other major airlines also to cancel or re-route flights.

How do airlines decide which flights to cancel? ›

The decision to cancel a flight depends on the weather at the expected time of departure, the weather enroute, and the weather at the destination at the expected arrival time. If the weather precludes a safe flight, the airline will not dispatch it, regardless of how many passengers are scheduled to fly.

Which European airlines are Cancelling flights? ›

Turkish Airlines cancelled 399 flights, Scandinavian Airlines cancelled 145 flights, Wizz cancelled 86 flights, Vueling cancelled 69 flights, TUI fly cancelled 51 flights, Wizz UK cancelled 45 flights, United cancelled 30 flights, Air Europa cancelled 12 flights, and Saudi cancelled 11 flights.

Will airlines cancel flights if not full? ›

The airlines are not allowed to cancel a flight, just because there aren't enough passengers. If no one shows or buys a ticket for the flight, they may not fly the plane. If the flight is going to a destination that needs a plane, they will fly the plane there with or without passengers.

Why are flights getting messed up? ›

The travel industry, particularly airlines, has been short-staffed since last year and struggled to accommodate the 2021 summer and winter holiday travel surges. Airlines and airports, both domestic and international, are still scrambling to fully staff up, which makes them more vulnerable to delays.


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