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How can you drive traffic to your blog and stay ahead of the competition in your industry? The answer is simple: write about topics that readers will find relevant. Finding the best technology blog topics to write about can be challenging, but not to worry.

This post has listed 10 blog topics that’ll inspire you to create the perfect blog post. Picking suitable topics for your technology blog is essential in starting a successful journey.

Top 10 Technology Blog Topics

Finding relevant technology topics to write about can be challenging. You can get inspiration from the ten technology blog topics highlighted below.

1. Tech News and Trends

Provide up-to-date information on the technology industry to your readers. It could be news or the latest developments in technology. You could write about the development of new apps, games, devices, software, programming languages, tools, and many others.

Ensure you give the correct information, so you don’t mislead your audience. If you need to write about something you have limited knowledge about, go for more information.

2. How-to Guides

Create a series of blog posts detailing a step-by-step process for solving everyday problems people face when using tech products. People search Google daily for answers to their questions, and your blog can generate massive traffic with such posts.

You can write articles about how to use a tool or platform, the best apps to get a job done, and other related topics. You can also write about new gadgets you find valuable.

3. Product Reviews

Users can use your expert recommendations to choose the right product. Write posts reviewing products you have used, including the pros and cons. It will be best to stick to products you are familiar with, so you don’t mislead your audience.

Also, be genuine and give out the correct facts. You could review gadgets like certain laptop brands, phones, and other devices. Your readers will find such posts valuable and return for more information.

4. Debunk myths in the technology Industry

If you are struggling with what to blog about, a great topic to write about is one debunking common myths in the technology industry. Make a list of common misconceptions people have, and write a blog post making a solid case and passing across the correct information. Remember to back up your claims with adequate proof, so your readers don’t think you’re just making stuff up.

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5. Tech Tips for Beginners

Your blog’s visitors might be those looking to switch to the technology sector. Excellent content to put out is a beginner’s guide on tech. Provide basic information your audience will understand and resonate with. Topics like: Technology 101, The Basics of Tech, and How to Get Started in Technology will drive traffic to your blog.

6. Frequently Asked Questions

There are lots of unanswered questions in the tech industry. You could make a compilation of such questions and use a blog post to answer them in detail.

FAQs are a great way to generate traffic to your blog. The more questions you pick and provide answers to, the more likely your blog will catch the eye of tech enthusiasts.

7. How to use Old Technologies

Create a post teaching people how to use old gadgets like computers, phones, and other devices. You could use videos or infographics to create a tutorial that shows your audience how to get such devices running again.

8. Help with Troubleshooting Issues

Create posts that provide solutions to technical problems. Identify the common troubleshooting problems users face and make tutorial videos offering solutions.

Solutions can be as simple as telling readers why their personal computer isn’t coming on. Or as complicated as deconstructing an issue and providing an in-depth guide to solving the problem.

9. How to Create X

An excellent technology blog topic to write about is one on how to make things. You could write a post about how to build a website, how to write a book, create video games, and others. Make it as easy as possible and entertaining for your readers.

10. Tech Tools for Writers

Another great post is to share some of your favorite applications and software. You could also write a post about technology tools for writers. Some standard tech tools for writers are Grammarly – an AI Proofreading tool, and INK – an AI writing Tool. Compile these tools into a blog post and see how you’ll drive traffic to your blog.


Tech blog topics are endless, and there are no right or wrong topics to blog about. However, it can be frustrating to figure out which to start with and how to get your blog to gain traction.

How-to guides, product reviews, tech news, and other technology blog topics highlighted in this article will keep your blog traffic flowing.

Frequently asked questions

What type of blogs are in demand?

  • Food blogs
  • Lifestyle blogs
  • DIY craft blogs
  • Photography blogs
  • Travel blogs
  • Personal blogs
  • Blogs about fashion and beauty.
  • Blogs about health and fitness.
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    What are the most popular topics to blog about?

    1. Fashion Blogs. There are many types of fashion blogs on the internet.
    2. Food Blogs. Another popular type of blog is food blogs.
    3. Travel Blogs
    4. Music Blogs
    5. Lifestyle Blogs
    6. Fitness Blogs
    7. DIY Blogs
    8. Sports Blogs

      How long should a tech blog post be?

      So, how many words should a blog post say to search engines? A blog post should contain at least 300 words to rank well. Long posts (1000 words or more) will rank more easily than short ones. The best posts with about 2,500 words often rank in CoSchedule.

      What are 4 common types of blogs?

      How do you blog about technology?

      1. How your blog is designed to be based on. You must create a specific focus on your tech blog.
      2. How to Choose Your Niche on the Tech.
      3. Make your blogging platform yours.
      4. Get a Domain Name.
      5. Buying a Domain Name and Hosting.
      6. Get a Theme For Your Tech Blog Installed.
      7. Make your personal logo and pages.
      8. Begin Blogging

        What is the best topic for computer?

        • Cloud Computing
        • Computer Vision
        • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
        • Machine Learning (ML)
        • Big Data Analytics
        • IoT (Internet of Things).
        • Digital Image Processing

          What do you write in a technology blog?

          Blogging on technical operations and focusing on what the audience is interested in are topics that are well-defined. They add value to their articles with SEO optimization using relevant keywords, infographics, and pictures, and have a more casual style of writing.

          How do I start writing technology?

          1. Understand Your Assignment
          2. What you can Learn About Technology.
          3. Find Relevant Sources and Read About Your Topic.
          4. Select a research question.
          5. Find other sources for your work using keywords.
          6. Read sources and make notes as you go.
          7. Introduction:
          8. Body Paragraphs:
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            How can I write about technology?

            1. Activate readers’ interest as soon as possible. It is most common for you to write a dull first paragraph.
            2. Keep things brief
            3. Creating a strict framework, but then removing it.
            4. The term periphrastic perambulations is anathema.
            5. Convey the emotion
            6. Cite sources and acknowledge sources.

              What are the most popular blog topics in 2022?

              • Digital marketing
              • Health and fitness
              • Recipes and food
              • Develop yourself and be yourself.
              • Capital and personal finance.
              • Online marketing and blogging.

                What topics are trending right now?

                1Tiktok ads
                2Oura ring
                3Prime gaming

                What are the 5 examples of technology?

                • Computers
                • Cell phones
                • Television. TV sets transmit signals over which we can listen to and view audio and visual content.
                • Circuitry
                • Providing audio and visual services.
                • Artificial intelligence
                • Software
                • Internet

                  What is a technical blog?

                  On the other hand, technical blogging is geared toward more specific audiences. Technical bloggers are content writers who aim to deliver high-quality articles that engage their audience and bring traffic to their business’ website.

                  What technology is trending right now?

                  AI is a trending technology that will dominate the list of top 10 technologies in computer science in the year 2021. Artificial Intelligence involves machine intelligence, which is as intelligent and intelligent as the human brain and reacts like humans.

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                  Can a tech blog earn money?

                  Make money using your passion is a wonderful feeling, and if you have a successful tech blog, you might even be able to turn it into a full-time income. With a tech blog, you get closer to large audiences with whom you can share your journey and experience.

                  What is the best topic for technology?

                  • Computational science
                  • Cybersecurity
                  • Complex systems
                  • Conformance testing
                  • Cloud computing & virtualization
                  • Artificial intelligence
                  • Cyberphysical systems
                  • Biometrics

                    What are computer related topics?

                    The student of computer science should be familiar with topics such as compute, algorithms, computational complexity, computer design, programming language design, program methodology, data structures, information retrieval, parallel and distributed computing, computer networks, cyber security, and .

                    How do I write a first tech blog?

                    1. Focus on a topic area.
                    2. Conduct SEO research and keyword research.
                    3. Write a blog outline.
                    4. Get expert feedback
                    5. Write your blog
                    6. Get more feedback
                    7. Publish your blog

                      What blogs are in high demand?

                      • Pets Dog grooming
                      • Relationships Dating advice
                      • Lifestyle. There are many blogs that use this niche.
                      • Health and Fitness. Losing weight.
                      • Finance. Every category of finance can be classified into three categories: making money and saving money.
                      • Blogging. Blogging is a highly searched subject.
                      • Beauty and Fashion
                      • Travel

                        Where should I write tech blogs?

                        Dev is another leading blog platform that has over 200 technical writers sharing their knowledge on various topics like development, coding, tips, and so forth. Here you can start using Twitter, GitHub, or email.


                        What are good topics for a tech blog? ›

                        Popular topics include:
                        • The newest software.
                        • Up and coming programming languages.
                        • Powerful new IT tools.
                        • Your favorite online platforms.
                        • Apps you use in your day-to-day functions.
                        22 Mar 2021

                        What are some interesting topics that could make a blog interesting? ›

                        Blog Topic Ideas: 75 Types of Blog Posts That Get Traffic
                        • Tutorials. What is that thing you know that will improve the lives of your readers? ...
                        • Industry News. ...
                        • Current Events in The World. ...
                        • Controversial Issues. ...
                        • Turn Checklists into Blog Posts. ...
                        • Listicles. ...
                        • Infographics. ...
                        • Case Studies.

                        What are the topics I can start my blog with? ›

                        218 Creative Blog Post Ideas That Will Delight Your Audience
                        • Content Marketing Blog Post Ideas For Brands. ...
                        • Creative Blog Post Ideas. ...
                        • Wishes & Goals. ...
                        • Ideas To Change Your Perspective. ...
                        • Ideas On Creating Content That Provides Valuable Advice. ...
                        • Blog Post Ideas To Share Your Favorite Things. ...
                        • Ideas To Inspire Your Audience.

                        What is the best topic for technology? ›

                        10 Interesting Technology Research Topics
                        1. COVID-19's Effect on Medical Technology. ...
                        2. Online Education's Effect on Learning. ...
                        3. Video Gaming as a Solution to World Problems. ...
                        4. Children's Use of Technology and Social Media. ...
                        5. The Pros and Cons of Human Cloning. ...
                        6. The Implications of Human Identity Chips. ...
                        7. Technology's Effect on Fertility.
                        7 Sept 2022

                        What are the hottest topics in technology? ›

                        • Computing Power. Computing power has already established its place in the digital era, with almost every device and appliance being computerized. ...
                        • Smarter Devices. ...
                        • Datafication. ...
                        • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. ...
                        • Extended Reality. ...
                        • Digital Trust. ...
                        • 3D Printing. ...
                        • Genomics.
                        4 days ago

                        What is a technical blog? ›

                        Technical blog writing is a form of content writing which is more focused on engaging the audience with articles of high quality and getting more traffic to the websites. Technical bloggers write on topics with fine details of technical operations and focus on what the audience is interested in.

                        What type of blog is in demand? ›

                        Best types of blogs to create:

                        Travel blogs. Health and fitness blogs. Lifestyle blogs. Fashion and beauty blogs.

                        What are the 5 modern technologies? ›

                        Top 5 Technologies of the Future and Where to Study Them in 2022
                        • Blockchain – The Holy Grail of future security? ...
                        • Personal Digital Assistants – Hey Google, do all my chores for today! ...
                        • Cloud and Remote Computing – No need to invest in a new computer. ...
                        • The Array of Things (AoT) – Using data to improve societies.
                        18 Jan 2022

                        What are the 5 examples of technology? ›

                        6 common types of technology
                        • Television. Television sets transmit signals over which we can listen to and view audio and visual content. ...
                        • Internet. ...
                        • Cell phones. ...
                        • Computers. ...
                        • Circuitry. ...
                        • Artificial intelligence. ...
                        • Software. ...
                        • Audio and visual technology.

                        What is trending in technology now? ›

                        Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a trending technology that takes first place in the list of top 10 latest technologies in computer science of 2021. AI technology involves machine intelligence, which is as smart and intelligent as the human brain and reacts like humans.

                        What are the 3 technology trends? ›

                        Three classes of emerging tech are poised to transform every aspect of business in the next decade: quantum technologies, exponential intelligence, and ambient computing. These field notes from the future can give business leaders a strategic view of the decade ahead to help them engineer a technology-forward future.

                        What blogs get the most views? ›

                        Let's get hacking.
                        • Business Insider. Estimated monthly visitors: 30.4 million. ...
                        • Huffington Post. Estimated monthly visitors: 16.7 million. ...
                        • TMZ. Estimated monthly visitors: 13.8 million. ...
                        • The Verge. Estimated monthly visitors: 11.6 million. ...
                        • Lifehacker. Estimated monthly visitors: 3.5 million.
                        20 May 2019

                        Do blogs make money? ›

                        Bloggers are making money in all kinds of ways. Successful bloggers can make over 7-figures/year, while other bloggers might be generating no income at all. A goal that many bloggers tell you to shoot for is $2,000/month in recurring income within one year.

                        Can you start a blog with no money? ›

               is the king of free blogging sites. It is a free platform, but you need to build the site mostly by yourself afterward. You also have to host the software yourself. While you can find some free WordPress hosting, a better long-term strategy is to pay a moderate amount for a solid WordPress host.

                        What's a good blog name? ›

                        Finding Blog Name Ideas
                        • Start With a Focus Keyword or Two. If you're optimizing for SEO, each of your articles should have a focus keyword. ...
                        • Use Your Own Name. ...
                        • Use a Thesaurus. ...
                        • Use Alliteration. ...
                        • Use Acronyms or Abbreviations. ...
                        • Create a Portmanteau. ...
                        • Use a Common Saying.
                        27 Oct 2022

                        How do you get a unique title? ›

                        1. Keep It Short, Simple, and to the Point. ...
                        2. Be Clear About Your Main Benefit. ...
                        3. Announce Exciting News (News Your Audience Cares About) ...
                        4. Questions in the Headline. ...
                        5. Appeal to You Reader's Hunger for Knowledge. ...
                        6. Tell Your Audience What to Do! ...
                        7. Create the most valuable information resource.

                        How do bloggers go viral? ›

                        32 Ways To Make Your Blog Post Go Viral
                        1. Keyword optimize your post. Put your main topics into Google Keyword Tool and title the post based on the most popular search terms.
                        2. Add pictures next to key items, it makes them carry more weight. ...
                        3. Re-read your post to check for errors.

                        What are 4 common types of blogs? ›

                        To get a clearer picture, let's look at some examples of 5 of the most common types of blogs.
                        • Personal Blogs. Personal bloggers were the pioneers of the blogging world, and they're still around today. ...
                        • Personal Brand Blogs. ...
                        • Business Blogs. ...
                        • Affiliate Blogs. ...
                        • Niche Blogs.
                        23 Aug 2022

                        How long should a tech blog post be? ›

                        So, how many words should a blog be for SEO? A blog post should contain at least 300 words in order to rank well in the search engines. But long posts (1000 words or more) will rank more easily than short posts. CoSchedule found posts with around 2,500 words typically rank the best.

                        Is starting a blog a good idea? ›

                        Blogging to document your life, is a wonderful way to reflect. Past joys and past mistakes, can all be learned from to some extent. So having somewhere to store those memories, can help you see how far you've come and how much you've learned. Note: Change names and personal details if you're journaling online.

                        Do blogs make money in 2022? ›

                        The potential for blogging is virtually unlimited. Well-established bloggers like Ryan Robinson—who runs a blog about blogging—can make upward of $30,000 per month. Adam Enfroy, who started blogging about the business of blogging in 2019 as a side hustle, generated $1.5 million from his blog just two years later.

                        Which kind of blogs make money? ›

                        One of the best types of blogs that make money is a marketing blog. A marketing blog helps readers learn and monetize online marketing skills to start a business. A lot of marketing blogs cover blogging, email marketing, eCommerce marketing, and SEO.

                        How do I make a good tech blog? ›

                        How to Start a Tech Blog in 10 Steps:
                        1. Decide the Focus of Your Tech Blog.
                        2. Choose Your Tech Niche.
                        3. Choose Your Blogging Platform.
                        4. Decide Your Domain Name.
                        5. Buy Your Domain Name and Hosting.
                        6. Choose and Install a Theme For Your Tech Blog.
                        7. Create Essential Pages & Logo.
                        8. Begin Blogging.
                        2 Sept 2022

                        How do I create a tech blog? ›

                        What You Need to Build a Tech Blog
                        1. Content (have some ready)
                        2. Post Schedule.
                        3. Tech Type (will you focus on a specific tech?)
                        4. Logo and Branding.
                        5. Contact Information.
                        6. Post Types (blogs, videos, reviews, ratings, etc)
                        7. Domain Name (below)
                        8. Web Hosting (below)

                        Where can I write a tech blog? ›


                        Dev is another leading blog platform that has a huge community of technical writers sharing their knowledge about different topics on development, coding, tips, experience, and so on. All you need to get started here is a Twitter, GitHub Account, or an email address.

                        What is technical blog post? ›

                        Technical blog writing is a form of content writing which is more focused on engaging the audience with articles of high quality and getting more traffic to the websites. Technical bloggers write on topics with fine details of technical operations and focus on what the audience is interested in.

                        How do I start a blog with no experience? ›

                        How to Become a Blogger in 5 Simple Steps
                        1. Choose your blog name and get your blog hosting.
                        2. Start your blog by adding WordPress.
                        3. Pick a simple theme to make your blog your own.
                        4. Add two key blogging plugins to find your readers and track stats.
                        5. Write compelling content to create a blog that your readers love.
                        26 Jul 2022

                        What is Netflix tech blog? ›

                        Learn about Netflix's world class engineering efforts, company culture, product developments and more. Follow. Orchestrating Data/ML Workflows at Scale With Netflix Maestro.

                        Can I start a blog about myself? ›

                        If you want to write a blog about yourself, go for it. Nothing is off limits, but remember, you are opening your life for others to learn about.

                        What is a tech article? ›

                        Technical Articles: A technical article is an editorial for a magazine or an internet benefit that's about a specialized point, and regularly the article drills down into a few low-level of detail. May be computers, maybe material science or chemistry or any other science. It can be around math.

                        How do you write a technical topic? ›

                        Tips for effective technical content writing
                        1. Stay on topic. Losing track of what the article is about will likely cause you to lose the reader's interest.
                        2. Keep it simple. ...
                        3. Know your topic. ...
                        4. Use formatting to increase visual interest. ...
                        5. Use links to open doors to further research. ...
                        6. SEO.
                        24 Jun 2021


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