Computing Science - North East Scotland College (2022)

Higher (SCQF Level 6)

Learn about python, web development and design, as well as application development.

Higher (SCQF Level 6)

Learn about python, web development and design, as well as application development.


Higher (SCQF Level 6)


  • Computing
  • Highers, National Qualifications & Units

Why take this course?

Computing science is vital to everyday life — socially, technologically and economically. It shapes the world in which we live, and the future. Computing is embedded all around us – from systems and devices in our homes and workplace, to how we access education, entertainment, transport and communication.

This course will introduce learners to an advanced range of computational processes and thinking, teaching you how to apply a rigorous approach to the design and development process across a variety of contemporary contexts. You will also gain an awareness of the importance that computing professionals play in meeting the needs of society today and for the future, in fields which include science, education, business and industry.

Underlying the study of computing science are a number of unifying themes, including technological progress and trends, the relationship between software, hardware and system performance, and information representation and transfer as a core component of any computation. These are used to explore a variety of specialist areas through a range of practical and investigative tasks delivered within IT classrooms at a College Campus. Throughout the course you will be able to review and identify how your skills are developing. You should demonstrate:

  • A willingness to learn;
  • Planning and preparation skills;
  • Good timekeeping skills;
  • An interest in the course content and a commitment to learning;
  • An ability to work independently;
  • An ability to establish/maintain good relationships with others;
  • Problem-solving skills.

What you will experience

The course is made up of two broad units:

Information Systems Design and Development

During this unit you will develop information systems using appropriate development tools. You will learn how to apply contemporary design and development methodologies, create a complex structure with links, write code, integrate different media types and test against appropriate criteria. You will also consider the factors involved in the design and implementation of an information system, including functionality, range and types of users, consider technical implementation in relation to hardware and software requirements and storage and connectivity. You will also consider security risks, economic and social impact and legal and environmental implications.

Software Design and Development

The general aim of this Unit is to develop knowledge and understanding of advanced concepts and practical problem-solving skills in software design and development through appropriate software development environments. You will develop your programming and computational thinking skills by designing, implementing, testing and evaluating practical solutions and explaining how these programs work. You will also develop an understanding of computer architecture and the concepts that underpin how programs work. You will also gain an awareness of the impact of contemporary computing technologies.

During this course you will:

  • Develop and learn how to apply aspects of computational thinking in a range of contemporary contexts;
  • Extend and apply knowledge and understanding of advanced concepts and processes in computing science;
  • Apply skills and knowledge in analysis, design, implementation and evaluation to a range of digital solutions with some complex aspects;
  • Communicate advanced computing concepts and explain computational behaviour clearly and concisely, using appropriate terminology;
  • Develop awareness of current trends in computing technologies and their impact in transforming and influencing our environment and society.

To achieve the full qualification you must complete all of the units, as well as the end of course examination.

(Video) Focus On Computing: Dawn-Maree Wilson - Intro to Computing with Cyber Security

Key Facts

Everything you need to know about applying for this course.

Entry requirements

Pupils should be expecting to achieve a pass in National 5 Computing Science to be eligible for this course.

What you need to know

Whilst you are on the course, you will be required to:

  • Always be ready to start your class at the given time
  • Demonstrate a commitment to learning and self-study
  • Adhere to the School Pupils Code of Commitment

Eating and drinking are not permitted in classrooms. Drinking water is available from water dispensers in the corridors within the College buildings.


Whether you wish to progress in your studies or enter the world of work, North East Scotland College has excellent progression opportunities, with links to eight universities across Scotland and great relationships with industry employers.

Education at NESCol

Upon successful completion of this course you may be ableto progress to one of the following full-time courses at North East Scotland College:

  • Computing - HNC (SCQF Level 7)
  • Computing: Software Development - HND (SCQF Level 8)


Those with the qualifications to do so may choose to apply for further study at university level.


Those who wish to pursue employment may find a range of entry-level job opportunities available.

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Student Stories

Martin Meszaros Computing HND Cyber Security“I really have so much to thank NESCol for. I’m sure it is an experience that will have a positive impact throughout my life.” Read more about Martin's story
Shay McGillivray Computing HND Technologies in BusinessShay’s HND has given him knowledge and skills that are vital for running a business today including cyber resilience, e-commerce solutions and social media and knows the course has given him a solid grounding in business operations, technology and project management which will serve him well for the continued success of their family business. Read more about Shay's story
Beata Tetkowska Computing HND Technologies in Business“I would definitely recommend NESCol to everyone who wants to study computing. No matter what age, or if this is their first course, or – if like me – you want to change your career. It’s a very friendly environment, well quipped when it comes to computing facilities and – most importantly – with very, very supportive and highly knowledgeable lecturers.” Read more about Beata's story
George Madgett Computing HNC Computing“By sharing my experience I hope I can inspire anyone with autism.” Read more about George's story
Gayle Duguid Computing HND Computing: Software Development“I would say to anyone thinking of returning to learning after time away – just do it.” Read more about Gayle's story
Dawn-Maree Wilson Computing NC Computing and Digital Media“I I started with the intro course, am close to completing my Level 5 and next year I will be studying for my HNC – I’m so pleased with how far I have come.” Read more about Dawn-Maree's story
David Gordon Computing HND Computing: Software Development“College was great. I really enjoyed meeting new people interested in the same subject as me. The course really gave you free rein to explore your interest in different directions so you can get a feel for what you like.” Read more about David's story
Natasha Reilly Computing HND Computing: Software Development“Just because you are a girl, it will not stop you from succeeding or being accepted in computing. The college is very inclusive and really encourages girls and everyone to pursue a career in computing as long as they have a genuine interest in it.” Read more about Natasha's story


This course is only available to pupils in S4 to S6 across Aberdeenshire, giving pupils the opportunity to experience life as a College student whilst staying on at school.

Currently unavailable

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Computing Science - North East Scotland College (11)

Please note that courses are subject to minimum viability levels. In the event of insufficient numbers of applications, courses may be withdrawn from the programme. Certain courses are arranged with schools working in a consortium arrangement – in such cases, pupils from consortium schools will be given priority in the allocation of places.

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