40 Best Modern Website Design Examples &Templates in 2022 (2022)

Mockplus has rounded up another collection of the top 40 modern website design examples and templates for your inspiration.

It highlights creative design ideas from many different types of modern website best practices, such as the ecommerce, restaurant, corporate, portfolios and so on.

Let's check them one by one to see what you can learn and copy to improve your own website.

30 Best Modern Website Design Examples You Can Copy

1. Angel Agency

40 Best Modern Website Design Examples &Templates in 2022 (1)

Angel Agency is a small Ukraine-based design agency. Its online portfolio website has a modern yet immersive look. It stands out for very playful cursor animations. When hovering on the text designs on its home page, the texts in two colors will flow from left to right or from right to left as the mouse cursor moves.

Such design ideas have become very trendy in recent years. You will find them easy to use if you want to freshen up your own designs.

2. Square

40 Best Modern Website Design Examples &Templates in 2022 (2)

Square is a modern, game-like project website that gives website designers a chance to show off their design talents and get feedback. It uses many creative -even a little bit geeky - scrolling effects to create a striking yet rocking website. Its navigation menu also has many playful scrolling effects to guide users as they browse around the site.

3. Cellular Agriculture Society

40 Best Modern Website Design Examples &Templates in 2022 (3)

Cellular Agriculture Society is a cool futuristic website created for an international nonprofit organization. It features very rich transition animations and impressive dynamic scrolling effects that help illustrate its organization cultures and information in a very engaging way.

If you want to use distinctive scrolling effects to make your site stand out from the crowd, this would be a great example to learn from.

4. Dog Studio

40 Best Modern Website Design Examples &Templates in 2022 (4)

Dog Studio
is a modern 3D animated parrallax website made for a multidisciplinary creative studio. Aside from the vivid 3D animated dog at the background, it features a very stunning navigation menu with rich hover effects. When users move on the menu items, the background colors change which really catches the visitor's eye.

5. Nava Smart Home Sales

40 Best Modern Website Design Examples &Templates in 2022 (5)

Nava Smart Home Sales is a modern interactive holiday sale page made for the Nava Smart Home. It has an immersive, game-like design that allows visitors to click different home devices and view device details instantly on the right panel.

The 3D animated page design really sets this site apart from the competition.

6. Emol Work

40 Best Modern Website Design Examples &Templates in 2022 (6)

Emol Work is a modern yet cute online mental health platform with a user-friendly horizontal scrolling. It features a cute mascot. The designer has customized the mascot with rich expressions and emotions to explain everything about the site. This creates an enjoyable experience which really makes an impact on visitors to the site.

In fact, in recent years, vivid mascots have been a popular feature on websites as they are seen as an easy way create a brand. Take a look, it’s an idea that might be worth thinking about for your own website.

7. Mail Poet

40 Best Modern Website Design Examples &Templates in 2022 (7)

Illustrations spice up your website and promote your brand quickly. So, custom illustrations become very hot and have been regarded as one of the most important elements for designers to brand websites and enhance UX.

Mail Poet follows this trend and uses beautiful, colorful illustrations throughout its website, engaging and impressing its visitors. It's a valuable lesson: custom illustrations can really improve your website design.

8. Laracon Event

40 Best Modern Website Design Examples &Templates in 2022 (8)

Laracon Event is a modern and interesting event project website for an annual gathering of people who are passionate about building amazing apps with the Laravel web framework. It uses custom illustrations to create an incredibly wonderful world beneath the sea. A variety of smart micro animations also liven up the entire website effectively.

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9. Mike Kus

40 Best Modern Website Design Examples &Templates in 2022 (9)

Mike Kus is a minimalist modern portfolio website made by UK-based web designer, Mike Kus. It follows the popular website design trend of using symmetric grids which create clean and neat layouts to display design projects. When you click on a project in the grid, the relevant project details will show up instantly on the right. This is a really good idea for simplifying the project viewing process.

10. Leloi

40 Best Modern Website Design Examples &Templates in 2022 (10)

Leloiis a minimalist production studio website that uses trendy asymmetric grids to showcase different projects. The clean grid layout, rich hover effects, animated project images and floating navigation bar help make a very modern and personalized website.

11. Zome

40 Best Modern Website Design Examples &Templates in 2022 (11)

Zome is a modern website that provides innovative solutions for growing, transporting, and packaging food in a sustainable and green way. The home page uses a high-quality full-screen hero image carousel to project its brand and describe its services. These give the site an attractive and high-end feel.

12. Club Raia

40 Best Modern Website Design Examples &Templates in 2022 (12)

Club Raia is a modern elegant website made for the luxurious KTV. Its home page also uses a very high-end full-screen hero image carousel to introduce information on KTV. With cool hover effects and a creative geometric mirror-like design in the middle of the page, this website has a very luxurious, mysterious, even irresistible look.

13. MST Agency

40 Best Modern Website Design Examples &Templates in 2022 (13)

Bright and bold colors have become one of the most popular website design trends in 2020. Many website design teams, agencies and designers use bright and bold colors to improve the visual appeal of their websites.

MST Agency follows this design trend and uses rich bright colors to beautify the overall look and engage users. The minimalist design style and special web layout are also worth learning to improve your design.

14. Orangina

40 Best Modern Website Design Examples &Templates in 2022 (14)

Orangina is a modern yet colorful beverage website that sells drinks with unique flavors. It also uses rich bright colors, like red, blue, orange, yellow and so on, to give a lively and healthy feel. The creative design of the site's layout and its vigorous hover effects are a great way to grab—and keep—visitors' attention.

15. Calexo

40 Best Modern Website Design Examples &Templates in 2022 (15)

Calexo is a modern and colorful drink website selling high-quality fruit juices. The most inspirational part of this website is its bright color scheme and unique page layout. Many fantastic hover effects, micro animations and interactions help enhance UX.

16. Kriss RE

40 Best Modern Website Design Examples &Templates in 2022 (16)

Kriss RE is a very cool modern online website for a design-centric real estate developer. It features a trendy storying telling design that enables website visitors to follow a line path and read the developer information step by step.

17. Defeat BOCO

40 Best Modern Website Design Examples &Templates in 2022 (17)

Defeat BOCO is another modern and storytelling portfolio website with an appealing illustration design style. Everyone entering the website is automatically taken to an interactive digital journey and learn about the holistic user experience design process behind.

If you want to create an illustrated storytelling website, this website is a perfect example to get inspiration.

18. The Mill

40 Best Modern Website Design Examples &Templates in 2022 (18)

The Mill is a cool futuristic portfolio website from United Kingdom. Unlike the common portfolio websites that use clean and neat grids to display design cases, this website directly uses vivid videos to showcase design projects. Moreover, while viewing, they will also move automatically and slowly from right to left, giving users a very awesome movie watching experience.

19. Snooze AM Eastery Restaurant

40 Best Modern Website Design Examples &Templates in 2022 (19)

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Snooze AM Eastery Restaurant is a modern restaurant website with a fresh magazine style. It uses rich card designs, unique magazine-like fonts, videos and high-quality photos to promote the hot dishes and services. The custom typography, layout and bright color scheme also help attract users quickly.

You can also check more website layout examples and ideas to improve your design.

20. Pasticceria Adami

40 Best Modern Website Design Examples &Templates in 2022 (20)

Pasticceria Adami is a modern, minimalist restaurant website that uses fullscreen video backgrounds to show customers how they make dishes with full passion.

In fact, these days, such fullscreen video backgrounds are widely used in website designs so as to increase the overall visual appeal. Why not following this idea to improve your website as well?

21. Tic Tac

40 Best Modern Website Design Examples &Templates in 2022 (21)

Tic Tac is a modern yet very fresh snack website that uses interactive shape designs to display different products. While scrolling down the website, the products will gradually appear. When you focus on a product, the related video and text introduction will also be activated.

22. Lo Pesce Product Page

40 Best Modern Website Design Examples &Templates in 2022 (22)

Lo Pesce Product Page is another modern snack website that uses very cool parrallax scrolling. As you scroll up and down the site, the products, introductions, and background colors will change gradually, creating an immersive visual experience.

23. Happy Egg

40 Best Modern Website Design Examples &Templates in 2022 (23)

Happy Egg is a modern and playful website that sells free range eggs online. When you visit the site, you are immediately struck by its bright appearance and interactive landing page. The cool, almost liquid hover effects are very creative. The design of the notification about the Coronavirus outbreak is also very considerate.

24. Rouillard

40 Best Modern Website Design Examples &Templates in 2022 (24)

Rouillard is a modern, clean ecommerce website that provides innovative solutions and contemporary products to workplaces in North America.

It uses an image carousel featuring popular heroes and asymmetric grids to present its designs and ideas.

To create a perfect ecommerce website, this would be a good example.

25. Websocks

40 Best Modern Website Design Examples &Templates in 2022 (25)

Websocks is a fashionable ecommerce website selling socks. It is a perfect example of how to combine photos and simple hand-drawings.

26. Afiniti

40 Best Modern Website Design Examples &Templates in 2022 (26)

Afiniti is a creative corporate website that enables visitors to navigate around using interactive grids. The full-screen video background livens up the entire site.

27. ICVR

40 Best Modern Website Design Examples &Templates in 2022 (27)

ICVR is a cool VR corporate website that uses creative VR video backgrounds to engage users.

28. Eon Reality

40 Best Modern Website Design Examples &Templates in 2022 (28)

Eon Reality is another futurist VR corporate with cool 3D objects. The interactive landing page is also another example that is worth checking out. There is a lot to admire and learn here.

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29. Dai Gondo

40 Best Modern Website Design Examples &Templates in 2022 (29)

Dai Gondo is a creative designer portfolio website that showcases all design projects on the background. Visitors can easily drag the background to navigate the desired project. As you hover over something, it will come into focus and the project information will appear.

30. Shantell Martin

40 Best Modern Website Design Examples &Templates in 2022 (30)

Shantell Martin is another perfect combination of photos and handdrawings. The hover effects also make the handdrawings much more interesting.

10 Best Modern Web Design Templates for Creatives

And then, after these inspirational modern website examples, we've also collected 10 of the best modern web design templates for creatives, like you:

31. Restaurant Colibri

40 Best Modern Website Design Examples &Templates in 2022 (31)

Restaurant Colibri is a green and modern restaurant website template with fresh layouts. It provides intuitive navigation bars, smart tab bars, neat dish card designs, rich hover effects and so on. It is a good tool to create a food or drink website with a freshening tone.


32. Fru It

40 Best Modern Website Design Examples &Templates in 2022 (32)

Fru It is a modern shoe ecommerce website template that uses horizontal navigation bars to help visitors find different types of fashion shoes. The overall minimalist design style is another key point you should consider while selecting a template.


33. Tulen Template Free Download

40 Best Modern Website Design Examples &Templates in 2022 (33)

Tulenis an incredible free fullscreen photography website template. It stands out from others easily with its accordion-like home page displaying different photo works. It is a perfect tool for both amateur and professional photographers and designers to create an impressive portfolio website.

Free download

34. Free Instylr Bootstrap Website Template

40 Best Modern Website Design Examples &Templates in 2022 (34)

Instylr is a free modern and high quality fashion brand website template that uses cool fullpage hero image carousel on its landing page to capture visitors' interests quickly. It is fully responsive and perfect to create a fashion, clothing or cosmetic website.

Free download

35. Free Studio Portfolio Website Template

40 Best Modern Website Design Examples &Templates in 2022 (35)

Studio is a free modern studio portfolio website template that features an excellent slideshow at the bottom for visitors to navigate the design works or projects easily. You can straightly edit it to showcase your best works or projects with ease.

Free download

36. Mariano Pascual

40 Best Modern Website Design Examples &Templates in 2022 (36)

Mariano Pascual is a gorgeous portfolio website having an illustration style. All the related design projects, images and even buttons are shown with custom illustrations. It is very interesting and enjoyable to explore all its pages, functions and even every detail. So, it is a nice tool to create a modern personalized portfolio with a good visual appeal.


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37. Loworks

40 Best Modern Website Design Examples &Templates in 2022 (37)

Loworks is a modern illustrated website for a design company. All its design projects are listed in two columns which can be scrolled up and down separately.


38. Fleur Pavilia

40 Best Modern Website Design Examples &Templates in 2022 (38)

Fleur Pavilia is a modern and fresh real estate website template. Unlike other real estate website that straightly lists different housing units and information, this template uses floating flowers and plants with thoughtful interactions & graceful parallax to invite users to explore the website and housing.


39. Person Branding

40 Best Modern Website Design Examples &Templates in 2022 (39)

Person Branding is an art-gallery-like website template made for a brand strategy and design studio. It uses an impressive horizontal scrolling to help visitors navigate different design projects, just like visiting an art gallery in person.


40. Futured

40 Best Modern Website Design Examples &Templates in 2022 (40)

Futured is a minimalist interactive website made for a mobile business builder. It has a very eye-catching image carousel on its landing page. While hovering on the image, the shown image and information will also change instantly, which brings users a very different and immersive experience.


How to Design A Perfect Modern Website?

We've got three tips for you:

1. Find inspiration from good examples and templates

The best and most creative website design examples and templates can be good resources for you to get inspiration. And the top 40 modern website examples and templates above can help you save much time and effort.

2. Visualize your design ideas and iterate them again and again

After getting some inspiration from these examples and templates, you will surely need a handy website design tool to visualize your ideas and iterate them again and again personally or collaboratively.

Mockplus, as an all-in-one online product design platform, is a perfect tool for you. It enables all product team members (such as designers, developers, product managers and other stakeholders) to work together on the same modern website project online in one place.

With Mockplus, you can easily prototype and iterate your website designs, share and get feedback, test, iterate and even handoff them to developers with auto specs, assets and code snippets. It streamlines your entire design process.

In this online design platform, product managers can even easily write PRDs online and add document and prototype references to further explain website details.

3.Test your designs to find all possible issue early on

To create a perfect modern website, testing is a key point as well. Before releasing, you should translate your ideas into interactive prototype, and test it many times to find all possible issues early on. Even after the release, you should also go on iterating the design according to users' needs and test them again and again.

Wrap up

Website design best practices always help designers get inspiration to create a distinctive design easily and quickly.

We hope these 40 of the best modern website design examples, templates, and design tool can help you build an impressive and successful website with ease.

Design with Mockplus to start your website prototype faster and better

Get started for free

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What's the biggest web design trend of 2022? ›

The six biggest web design trends in 2022 are:
  • Emphasizing negative space.
  • Streamlined hero sections.
  • Oversized typography.
  • Nostalgic design.
  • Collage-style graphics.
  • Horizontal scrolling.
6 Jun 2022

What are the 3 types of web design? ›

Web designing is of three kinds, to be specific static, dynamic or CMS and eCommerce.

What is the most popular web design? ›

WordPress is popular for good reason. It's one of the most versatile pieces of web design software available to businesses, and it's open source. You can use WordPress to create anything from a simple blog to a full-fledged e-commerce website. Over 43% of all websites on the internet are built with WordPress.

What kind of websites are in demand 2022? ›

Let's have a look at each idea one by one:
  • Ecommerce Store. Ecommerce has seen huge growth in the past two years. ...
  • Dropshipping. ...
  • Personal Blog. ...
  • Consulting Website. ...
  • Recipe/Food Website. ...
  • Photography. ...
  • Online Courses/Workshop Website. ...
  • Dating Website.
7 Dec 2021

What is trending in design 2022? ›

3D illustrations are the biggest design trend for 2022.

What are the 12 basic types of website? ›

12 popular website types and how to design them
  • Portfolio website. Probably the first website you will ever create as a designer is your own portfolio website. ...
  • Personal website. ...
  • Blog. ...
  • Business websites. ...
  • eCommerce websites. ...
  • Social media websites. ...
  • Membership websites. ...
  • Wiki or community forum website.

What color website attracts most? ›

Blue: the most versatile and universally liked. Blue has been shown to inspire feelings of trust, making it a heavy favorite in website color schemes. Purple: creativity, wisdom and confidence. Purple is a unique, strong color to use within a website color scheme as it demands attention and stands out.

What makes a strong website? ›

An effective website design should fulfil its intended function by conveying its particular message whilst simultaneously engaging the visitor. Several factors such as consistency, colours, typography, imagery, simplicity, and functionality contribute to good website design.

What are the 7 types of websites? ›

Different types of websites:
  • Blogs. ...
  • Business/Corporate Websites. ...
  • NGO /Non-Profit Websites. ...
  • E-Commerce Websites. ...
  • Educational Websites. ...
  • 6. Entertainment Website. ...
  • Portfolio Website. ...
  • Social Media Websites.
2 Mar 2020

What design is trending now? ›

Graphic design trends 2023:

Motion graphics. Bold abstract shapes. AI generated art. 3D elements.

What are the most latest design trends for the first half of 2022? ›

Abstract asymmetrical background and patterns. Heavily influenced by the retro style, expect geometric backgrounds and patterns to stay in 2022. In 2020, the geometric pattern style was made popular through Abstract Geometry, and the popularity continued to rise in 2021.

What items will be popular in 2022? ›

7 Trending Products to Sell in 2022
  • Workout equipment and apparel.
  • Candles and home decor.
  • Fun and functional masks.
  • Stationery and art supplies.
  • Healthy and delicious snacks.
  • Pet accessories.
  • Locally made products.

Which are best 10 features to have for every website? ›

Top 10 Things Every Website Needs
  • Helpful navigation. ...
  • Strong brand identity. ...
  • High-quality content. ...
  • A blog. ...
  • Clear calls-to-action. ...
  • Contact information. ...
  • Social media buttons. ...
  • Security features. This is something that's most important to websites where visitors may enter credit card or other sensitive information.

What is the 5 essential parts of a website? ›

Companies need to understand and optimize the five most vital components of a website page – navigation, headers and title tags, body content, images, and social buttons.

What are the 3 basic website structures? ›

Three essential structures can be used to build a Web site: sequences, hierarchies, and webs.

What website can I create? ›

List of 8 Popular Types of Websites You Can Create
  • Ecommerce website.
  • Personal blog.
  • Business website.
  • Brochure website.
  • Portfolio website.
  • Entertainment or media website.
  • Nonprofit website.
  • Community forum or wiki.
17 Sept 2019

What is the 7th most visited website? ›

Top Websites in the US by Traffic
Traffic rankDomainPages/visit
6 1apple.com1.9
7 3pornhub.com7.3
8 3yahoo.com3.1
9 3wikipedia.org2.3
50 more rows

What are the 10 static websites? ›

You should check these thoroughly before selecting the tool.
  • 1) Hugo. Hugo is based on the Go programming language. ...
  • 2) Jekyll. Jekyll is one of the most popular generators for static websites and is based on Ruby. ...
  • 3) VuePress. ...
  • 4) Publii. ...
  • 5) Gatsby. ...
  • 6) Pelican. ...
  • 7) Metalsmith.
20 Apr 2022

What are the 3 principles of good web design? ›

What are the three basic principles of website design?
  • Don't offer too many choices (Paradox of Choice)
  • Put things in an order that makes sense (Visual Hierarchy)
  • Leave enough space between the items on your page (White Space)
21 Jul 2020

What are the five golden rules of web designing? ›

5 golden rules of ethical web design (& how to apply them)
  • Focus on the message. ...
  • Keep your layout neat. ...
  • Choose user-friendly fonts. ...
  • Avoid animation hell. ...
  • Make it easy to navigate.
29 Sept 2021

What are the four 4 types of website design structures? ›

The four types of website structures we'll be going over are: hierarchical, webbed, linear and database.
  • Hierarchical website structure (AKA tree model) ...
  • Linear website structure (AKA sequential model) ...
  • Webbed website structure (AKA network model) ...
  • Database website structure.
14 Apr 2022

What are the six 6 principles of web design? ›

6 Usability Principles for Effective Web Design
  • Every page element should fulfill a purpose. ...
  • Calls to action should be clear. ...
  • Conversions should always be a top priority. ...
  • Navigation should make sense. ...
  • Designs and page elements should stand out and be memorable. ...
  • Elements should facilitate engagement.
30 May 2012

What are the 4 elements of website? ›

Four key elements of designing an effective business website are:
  • Technology (Platform)
  • Graphic Design.
  • Information Architecture.
  • Content.
25 Oct 2011

What is a good site name? ›

The making of a good domain name

It's a good idea not to exceed 2-3 words. You want people to remember your domain name and type it accurately. Complicated or uncommon words or names may be hard to remember and spell correctly. Relevant words help users find you in a search and recognize what you do at a glance.

What makes a good website checklist? ›

So, what exactly DOES make a good website? At the very least, a website should be functional; simple, yet pleasing to the eye; portray a consistent brand; answer user's questions; build trust in your brand; and be built well enough to rank in search engines.

What are the 3 most attractive colors? ›

Thus, the most attractive color is blue, the second most preferred is red, followed by green, while yellow was found to be the least preferred color (Figure 1).

What colors should you avoid on a website? ›

5 Color Choices You Absolutely Must Avoid When Designing for the...
  • Never Use Pure Black (#000000)
  • Red and Green Should Never Be Seen.
  • Neon Colors.
  • Light Colors on White or Detailed Backgrounds.
  • Bright Colors with More Bright Colors.

What colors make people trust? ›

Blue is heavily associated with trust, which may be why many financial institutions often choose it.

What is the most important part of a website? ›

The most important part to any website is content. Without content, your website is nothing more than an advertisement, which is not an effective online marketing strategy.

How does a good website look like? ›

It should have a clear purpose. It should be visually pleasing and easy to navigate. It should perform well for a wide range of visitors and be technically stable and secure. Good websites are attractive, functional, and useful.

What is the most important factor in a website? ›

Navigation, menus and links must be simple and clear to all users. A good example are online sales websites where customers often give up before they make a purchase because (for example) the shipping cost is not visible. Responsive web design is considered the most important feature of modern web sites.

Is web design still in demand for 2022? ›

Yes, web development is a good career. Mondo's annual Tech and Digital Marketing Salary guide found “Web Developer” was the most in-demand job title in tech and one of its top-paying jobs. And, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, the job market for Web Developers is expected to grow 15 percent by 2026.

What is the future of Web development in 2022? ›

PWA, SPA, serverless architecture, and Motion UI will be particularly prominent web trends in 2022 and beyond. General technology, such as AI, voice search, Blockchain, and IoT will continue as web trend for the next decade.

What Makes a Good Website Design 2022? ›

For 2022, web designers are looking to get a little more real with layouts that reveal their foundation through simple borders and frames. A visible grid has the obvious benefit of distinguishing one section from one another.

What is the future of web? ›

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

It can not be denied that AI will be the future of web development as this phase has developed at a higher speed. Currently, many leading companies have launched AI-specific.

Which design field is best for future? ›

Let's take a look at the top 5 most in-demand types of designers in 2022.
  • Product Designers. The most in-demand role companies will be hiring for in 2022 are product designer jobs. ...
  • Graphic Designers. ...
  • UI & Visual Designers. ...
  • UX Designers. ...
  • Motion Designers.

What's trending in web design? ›

The Latest Web Design Trends and Standards for 2022 in Three Words: Fast, Clean and Eye-Catching. When you think about web design trends for 2023, think of custom illustrations, animated cursors, and blending photos with graphical elements. All of these and more will help to keep your site fresh in 2023.

What is the latest website technology? ›

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) PWA drives the web forward by bringing website surfing closer to native mobile applications. Simply put, it's the latest technology for website development, represented as a website with a feature set previously accessible just in native apps (offline access or push notifications).

Why Web3 is the future? ›

Web3 not only guarantees ownership of your own data, assets, and digital identities but also enables the benefit of data privacy. The existing web2 environment cannot guarantee complete data privacy, especially when centralized agencies have control over user data.

What is the best way to build a website in 2022? ›

Best Website Builder for 2022
  1. Wix. Best website builder overall. See at Wix.
  2. Squarespace. Best prepackaged design. See at Squarespace.
  3. Weebly. Easiest to use. See at Weebly.
  4. Duda. Best for building a customized experience. See at Duda.
  5. GoDaddy. Best for basic, no-frills websites. See at GoDaddy.
7 Oct 2022

How can I improve my website 2022? ›

12 Tips for Improving Your Web Design in 2022
  1. Keep Your Design Simple. Utilize Negative Space.
  2. Use Color with Intention.
  3. Ensure Your Text is Easy to Read.
  4. Strategically Add Keywords and Phrases.
  5. Optimize Your Images.
  6. Include Calls to Action.
  7. Consider Ease of Navigation.
  8. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly.
21 Jun 2022


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