225+Best Free Blog Submission Sites List 2022 (High DA PA) (2023)

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Free Blog submission sites are one of the most popular and famous techniques of off-page SEO. In this post I will be covering the best blog submission sites in 2022 which can help you with SEO.


Build a blog from scratch is much easier than before, but getting high-quality backlinks is more difficult, so submitting your blog to a free blog submission website can be a good option in the initial stage.

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There are two significant benefits of submitting your blog on free blog submission sites list 2022.

One it will help you to promote your newly born blog or website on the authority sites.

And the second is you can build some high-quality backlinks for your blog or website.

Once you submit your blog to the blog submission sites, then it will help you a lot to improve your search engine ranking.

FREE 1900 Blog Niches List

SERP results depend on the number of backlinks of your blog or site.

Many bloggers like me are very careless or lazy about submitting their blog to free blog submission sites, which affect their blog’s SERP.

High Domain Authority directory submission sites are the best solution for the beginners who are struggling to build backlinks for their blogs.

Therefore, I suggest you all newbie to submit your blog or websites to blog free blog submission sites list 2022, just after a few days after bringing your blog to this planet.

If you do it then, believe me, guys, you can bring more targeted organic traffic from these free blog submission sites list 2022.

What are Blog Submission sites?

The process of writing a blog post is a time-consuming process, and it can take hours or even days to create an article.

While blogging is an important part of SEO, the time required for blogging can make it difficult to keep up with your other tasks.

If you are new to the process of blogging, you may want to consider submitting your posts to online submission sites. These sites allow you to quickly submit your work without having to wait for your post to be accepted.

By submitting your work to these sites, you can keep up with the demands of your other tasks while also improving your reputation in the SEO community.

By using submission sites, you can spread the word about your blog and increase its visibility in the search engines. As more people share your posts, this will help increase your site’s traffic.

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  • What are Blog Submission sites?
    • Why Submit Your Blog to Blog Submission sites?
    • 225+ Blog Submission Sites list 2022 to Submit Your Blog.
      • Blog submission sites: Are they really worth it?
  • FAQ related to blog submission websites
  • Conclusion of best blog submission sites

Blog submission or blog directories sites allow you to submit your blog and blog posts on their website free.

So, you can get high-quality backlinks from these websites.

These blog directories or blog submission sites also help you to get more traffic to your blog or website.

Just a minute.

If you submit your blog or websites to the directories with have low Domain Authority (DA) or which are dead.

Then there are chances that Google can penalize your blog or website.

So, I suggest you submit your blog to the sites that have 25 or high DA which I have shortlisted for you.


225+Best Free Blog Submission Sites List 2022 (High DA PA) (2)

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If you have no idea how to submit blogs to the directory submission sites, then don’t worry, I am here to help you.

It is effortless, and you will understand in a minute with the help of image below:

It is a quite simple process.

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Let me explain to you in a few words.

When you submit your website or blog to the Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc.

Then before indexing your web pages in search results, it checks for the number of backlinks for your blog or website.

So, if you want to rank your blog post on the first page of the search result, then you should build some quality backlinks for your blog.

And submitting your blog to these blog submission directories will help you to improve SERP.

Having your blog post in top search result also help you to increase your blog traffic and it improve your Alexa rank as well.

Why Submit Your Blog to Blog Submission sites?

There are lots of reasons for that.
Let’s understand the advantage of blog submission sites.

  • It helps you to build high-quality backlinks for your blog or website.
  • It helps you to increase organic or direct traffic to your Blog in little time.
  • It helps you to improve your Blog’s Alexa Ranking.
  • It helps you to get some Targeted Traffic in the Blog.
  • It improves your SERP

So, I hope now you have understood the importance of blog submission sites. If you still have any questions mention in the comment below.


I have a tip for you to submit your blog in 100+ Blog Submission Sites easily.

I know it is not an easy task to submit the blog or websites to 100+ blog submission sites.

It will consume you so much precious time. So, to avoid this difficulty and to save your time, I want to share my secret strategy with you.

And you can submit your blog or website to 225+ blog submission sites in little time.

You need to follow the following tips to make your task easy:-

Open the notepad and copy your all blog or website URL here.

Now, for each blog or website URL, write a few lines description with its heading.
And save this file.

Now open blog submission sites and copy and paste URL, title and description in each of blog submission sites.

Believe me, guys, if you will follow these simple steps, then you can submit your blog in multiple blog submission sites in less time.

I too use this method to submit my blogs in profile creation submission sites list.

(Video) Link Building: How to Submit Your Website to Search Engines? | Search Engine Submission

I recommend you to create a Notepad file before submitting your blog to blog submission directories.

30 High DA & PA Blog Submission Sites List 2022

I have manually verified the below 30 blog directories with high DA & PA.

So, at least you must submit your blog or website to the below blog directories submission sites to get backlinks and targeted traffic from it. Here is the list of blog submission sites.

If you wish to publish a guest post on a popular website which has 44+ DA and DR, then click here to get the details.

S.N.Blog Directories NameDA
1. https://articles.h1ad.comSponsored
3. https://story.wallclassifieds.comSponsored
4. https://article.classifiedsfactor.comSponsored
5. https://www.bloggersroad.comSponsored
6. https://blogs.findermaster.com/Sponsored
7. https://article.advertiseera.com/Sponsored
8. https://www.howcube.com/Sponsored
9.Boing Boing88
11.On Top List58
12.Entire Web52
13.Blog Adda50
15.Blog Listing48
17.Blog Flux44
18.Blog Hub43
20.Blog Collection41
21.Blog Top Sites41
23.Blog Roll Center38
24.Blog Engage37
25.So Much37
26.Fuel My Blog36
27.Sonic Run36
28.Cipinet Web Directory35
29.Pegasus Web Directory33
30.Blogging Fusion32
31.1Abc Directory32
32.Blog Directory31
33.Blog Ville30
34.Best of the Web66
35.Us Family Guide59
36.Fuel My Blog56

Now, I have a massive list of blog submission sites.

225+ Blog Submission Sites list 2022 to Submit Your Blog.

These are the top 225+ free blog submission sites list 2022, where you can submit our blog or website.

So, if you want to create high-quality backlinks for your blog or website, then so must submit your blog or blog posts to these sites.

I will continue to update this list regularly so that this article will be helpful for all of you.

Pro Tip.
I suggest you submit your blog in 25 high DA & PA sites which I have added above.

I request you don’t submit your blog or website with low DA blog submission sites. Else Google may penalize your blog or website.

If you want to submit your blog or website in the blog submission sites which are given below in the list, then make sure to check the DA and PA of these submission sites using MOZ DA Checker. You can submit your blog posts to these list of blog sites.

These are the best free blog sites where submission of your blog post so easy and you’ll not only receive a backlink but also traffic from these free website submission sites.

  1. http://www.addyourblog.com
  2. http://www.blogdirs.com/
  3. http://www.blogsdb.com
  4. http://www.bloghints.com
  5. http://www.blogratedirectory.com
  6. http://www.blogsthatfollow.com
  7. http://www.blogtoplist.com
  8. http://carefullypicked.com
  9. http://www.ellysdirectory.com
  10. http://www.freeaddurl.org
  11. http://www.ontoplist.com
  12. http://www.mvomrat.com
  13. http://www.rapidenetwork.eu
  14. http://www.spillbean.com
  15. http://www.thecgisite.com/
  16. http://www.wordpressblogdirectory.com/
  17. http://www.1abc.org
  18. http://www.9sites.net
  19. http://www.a1webdirectory.org
  20. http://www.aaf14.org
  21. http://www.addbusiness.net
  22. http://www.addfreewebdirectory.com
  23. http://www.addurlguide.com
  24. http://www.alistsites.com
  25. http://www.ananar.com
  26. http://www.anoj.org
  27. http://www.bedwan.com
  28. http://www.bestbusinesswebdirectory.com
  29. http://www.bizzdirectory.com
  30. http://www.blogarama.com
  31. http://www.blogs-collection.com
  32. http://www.blogdirectory.ws/
  33. http://www.bloggernity.com/
  34. http://www.bloghub.com
  35. http://www.bloggernow.com
  36. http://www.blogrollcenter.com/
  37. http://www.blogtopsites.com
  38. http://www.blog-search.com
  39. http://blogswirl.com
  40. http://blogville.us
  41. http://blogrific.com
  42. http://www.blogflux.com
  43. http://www.blogdir.co.uk
  44. http://blogsrater.com
  45. http://www.bloglisting.net
  46. http://www.bocaiw.net
  47. http://www.cipinet.com
  48. http://www.cluboo.com
  49. http://www.directoryseo.biz
  50. http://www.freedirectorysubmit.com
  51. http://www.freetoprankdirectory.com
  52. http://www.freewebsitedirectory.com/
  53. http://www.findsites.net
  54. http://fuelmyblog.com
  55. http://www.gainweb.org
  56. http://www.h-log.com
  57. http://www.happal.com
  58. http://www.highrankdirectory.com
  59. http://homepageseek.com/
  60. http://www.hottestblogs.com
  61. http://www.info-listings.com
  62. http://www.informationcrawler.com
  63. http://www.jewana.com
  64. http://www.linkpedia.net
  65. http://www.linkroo.com
  66. http://linksmaximum.com
  67. http://www.link-minded.com
  68. http://www.livepopular.com
  69. http://www.marketingwebdirectory.com
  70. http://www.nexusdirectory.com
  71. http://www.onlinesociety.org
  72. http://www.pegasusdirectory.com
  73. http://picktu.com
  74. http://www.plazoo.com
  75. http://www.prolinkdirectory.com
  76. http://www.promotebusinessdirectory.com
  77. http://www.ranaf.com
  78. http://www.rocktheadored.com
  79. http://www.sites-plus.com
  80. http://www.sitepromotiondirectory.com
  81. http://www.submissionwebdirectory.com
  82. http://somuch.com
  83. http://www.synergy-directory.com
  84. http://www.the-free-directory.co.uk/
  85. http://www.topsiteswebdirectory.com
  86. http://www.urlshack.com
  87. http://www.usgeo.org
  88. http://www.w3catalog.com
  89. http://www.wilsdomain.com
  90. http://www.worldweb-directory.com
  91. http://bloggerhq.net/submit.php
  92. http://bloggeries.com/
  93. http://bloggerinternet.com/
  94. http://bloggernity.com/
  95. http://bloggerschoiceawards.com
  96. http://bloggersdirectory.org/
  97. http://bloggersgold.co.uk/
  98. http://bloggertalk.net/blog-directory.html
  99. http://bloggerteam.com/directory.php
  100. http://blogger-tips.com/directory/
  101. http://bloggingcourt.com/
  102. http://bloggingcritic.com/
  103. http://bloggingdirectory.net/
  104. http://bloggingfusion.com/
  105. http://blogginglist.com/
  106. http://bloggingsmostwanted.com/
  107. http://bloghitlist.com/
  108. http://blogicas.com/directory/
  109. http://blogification.com/
  110. http://blogintro.com/submit/
  111. http://blogio.net/
  112. http://blogirific.com/
  113. http://blogit.com/Blogs/
  114. http://blogitloveit.com/
  115. http://bloglines.com/
  116. http://bloglinker.com/
  117. http://bloglisting.net/
  118. http://bloglisting.net/submit.php
  119. http://bloglookup.com/
  120. http://blogmarking.us/
  121. http://allforblog.com/
  122. http://alltop.com/submission/
  123. http://blogaz.net/
  124. http://blogbal.com/
  125. http://blogbar.net/
  126. ttp://blogbits.com/
  127. http://blogbunch.com/
  128. http://blogbunch.com/suggest/
  129. http://blogcatalog.com/blogs/submit_blog.html
  130. http://blog-catalog.info/
  131. http://blogcertified.com/
  132. http://blogdesam.com/
  133. http://blogdigger.com/
  134. http://blogdir.co.uk/
  135. http://blogdire.com/
  136. http://blogdirectory.ckalari.com/
  137. http://blogdirectory.net/
  138. http://blogdirectory.org.uk/
  139. http://blog-directory.org/add-blog.php
  140. http://blogdirectory.ws/
  141. http://blogdirectory.com/
  142. http://blogdirectorysubmission.com/
  143. http://blogdirs.com/
  144. http://blogmeblog.com/
  145. http://blogmeeting.com/
  146. http://blogoculars.com/
  147. http://blogotion.webs.com
  148. http://blogowogo.com/
  149. http://blogpoint.com/
  150. http://blogpopular.com/
  151. http://blogpopular.net/
  152. http://blogpulse.com/submit.html
  153. http://blogrankers.com/
  154. http://blogrankings.com/addblog.php
  155. http://blogratedirectory.com/
  156. http://blogratings.com/
  157. http://blogrollcenter.com/
  158. http://blogs.com/submit
  159. http://blogs.mediadir.in/
  160. http://blogsallovertheworld.com/
  161. http://blogsbycategory.com/
  162. http://allblogspots.blogspot.com/
  163. http://blogarama.com/
  164. http://dir.blogflux.com/
  165. http://www.blogdigger.com
  166. http://www.plazoo.com/
  167. http://www.blog-search.com/sites/add
  168. http://topofblogs.com
  169. http://www.blogadda.com/
  170. http://addyourblog.com/
  171. http://topblogs.addyourblog.com
  172. http://geekswithblogs.net/Registration/Default.aspx
  173. http://www.ypblogs.com/
  174. http://www.blogzoop.com
  175. http://www.blogdumps.com/index2.php
  176. http://www.fybersearch.com/
  177. http://www.getblogs.com/directory/
  178. http://www.indiblogger.in
  179. http://www.blogsmonitor.com/
  180. http://www.blogsavenue.com
  181. http://www.blogmemes.net
  182. http://blogville.us/
  183. http://blogskinny.com
  184. http://blogdire.com
  185. http://blogsrater.com/
  186. http://fuelmyblog.com
  187. http://topblogging.com/
  188. http://topbloglists.com/
  189. http://www.openblogdirectory.com/
  190. http://goblogz.com/
  191. http://newzalert.com
  192. http://www.writeupcafe.com/
  193. http://www.blogfolders.com/
  194. http://www.blogcatalog.com/
  195. http://www.heliosblogs.com/
  196. http://blogwebdirectory.com/
  197. http://blogvillage.gotop100.com
  198. http://blog.directory-seek.com/
  199. http://wordpressblogdirectory.com/
  200. http://irankblogs.com/
  201. http://www.conseillemoi.net/
  202. http://blokube.com/
  203. http://www.boosterblog.net
  204. http://www.blogsroot.com
  205. http://www.buzzerhut.com
  206. http://www.blogarama.com
  207. http://www.lsblogs.com/
  208. http://listablog.com/
  209. http://www.spreadmyblog.com
  210. http://blogscollection.com

Blog submission sites: Are they really worth it?

So far you have discovered some of the High DA blog submission sites list. some of them are paid but most of them are free. Now comes the most crucial question, are blog submission sites worth?

Of course, undoubtedly the free blog submission sites are worth your time. below are some reasons why I top blog submission sites are worth it.

  • Free:Most of the blog submission sites on this page are FREE. So don’t worry you’ll not lose anything if you submit your blog on these blog directories.
  • High DA:Most of the blog submission sites list on this page have a Domain Authority of more than 30 that can help to improve your website’s ranking.
  • Quick crawling:One of the best reasons that I like is that these blog directories crawl your website fast whenever your website gets updated. so they are really helpful to boost your SEO.

FAQ related to blog submission websites

(Video) Free article submission sites with instant approval | Off page SEO techniques | Techno Vedant

What is blog submission?

Blog submissionis a part of off-page-SEO where a user and owner of any blog or website can submit posts/articles related to their blog or site.

Where can I submit blogs?

These are the best sites where you can submit your blog.
Addyourblog (FREE) PR 4. …
ALL-BLOGS (FREE – $25) PR 4. …
AllForBlog (FREE) PR 3. …
Blog-Directory (FREE) PR 6. …
blog-Search (FREE) PR 5. …
Blog Announce (9.95 – 49.95$)PR 4. …
Blogdirectory (FREE – 49$) PR 3. …
Blogflux (FREE) PR 5.

Is Directory Submission good for SEO?

Yes, if you are submitting your blog or site to high authority blog submission sites or directories then it helps a lot in SEO. You can easily get good chunks of high DA PA safe backlinks for your site. Most of blog submission websites give you do-follow links.

Do follow Backlinks List 2022?

List of DoFollow Backlink Profile Creation Sites

Conclusion of best blog submission sites

I hope and expect that this article was helpful to you. And I guess you will submit your blog with these free blog submission sites list 2022 to get some high-quality backlink for your blog or website.

These free blog submission sites list will help you to build backlinks for your new blog at the initial stage.

If you liked the article, then consider it is sharing with your friends, so that they will also build backlinks for their blog or website.

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How do I submit my blog to SEO? ›

It not only helps you gain backlinks, earn profit, but also to build a good rapport with potential customers.
Some of the free high authority blog submission sites are as follows:
  1. www.alltop.com.
  2. www.blogcatalog.com.
  3. www.ontoplist.com.
  4. www.blogarama.com.
  5. www.blogadda.com.
  6. www.bloghints.com.
  7. www.blogflux.com.
  8. www.entireweb.com.

Do follow blog submission sites list? ›

Blog Submission Sites List: 50 Free Blog Submission Websites
  • Alltop.
  • Blogorama.
  • OnTopList.
  • Blogflux.
  • Blog Engage.
  • Blogging Fusion.
  • Blogs Collection.
  • IndiBlogger.
8 Aug 2022

What is article submission? ›

Article submission is an off-page optimization activity. It refers to attracting traffic by submitting SEO optimized articles to popular article submission directories. It is a long term SEO activity which helps increase backlinks and boost pagerank of your website or blog.

What is directory submission sites? ›

Directory Submission is a process of submitting your website URL to various web directories (websites) with the aim of building backlinks thus increasing business growth. This is the off-page SEO technique, used to generate outsider links for your website.

How do I get my blog noticed by Google? ›

How to get your website noticed by Google
  1. Target keywords with your website. ...
  2. Make it easy for Google to crawl your pages. ...
  3. Build more website pages. ...
  4. Add your website to online directories. ...
  5. Get verified by Google. ...
  6. Use compelling titles. ...
  7. Reach out to websites and blogs that have already been noticed by Google.
17 Nov 2020

How do I find keywords for my blog? ›

  1. Start with an Idea, Then Find Keywords to Target. ...
  2. Uncover the Questions People Are Asking. ...
  3. Use Amazon to Find Ecommerce Keywords. ...
  4. Use Google Trends to Find Trending Topics. ...
  5. Uncover Keywords You're Already Ranking For. ...
  6. Use Site Search Data to Uncover What People Are Struggling to Find.
29 Aug 2019

How do I know my blog ranking? ›

Simply enter the domain name you want to look up and Semrush will get a ton of information. After that, click on the organic research tab to view the full list of all keywords your website is ranking for. You can sort the results by position, URL, traffic, and more.

How do guest bloggers make money? ›

Contact top bloggers in relevant business niches and do the outreach to secure the guest posting opportunity. Find expert writers to create or write content for guest posts. After the publishing, you can also advertise the posts on social networks to get more responses and make money online.

What is guest post site? ›

Guest blogging, also called “guest posting,” is the act of writing content for another company's website. Generally, guest bloggers write for similar blogs within their industry in order to: Attract traffic back to their website. Boost their domain authority using external links to high-authority domains.

Do follow Web 2.0 Sites list? ›

List of Top 15+ Dofollow Web 2.0 Sites for Blogging
S.No.Web 2.0 Submission WebsitesPA
13 more rows

What is DA of a website? ›

Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how likely a website is to rank in search engine result pages (SERPs). Domain Authority scores range from one to 100, with higher scores corresponding to greater likelihood of ranking.

What is Web 2 O submission? ›

Web 2.0 Submission allows the users to access the facilities of sharing, networking, and grouping. It provides quality DoFollow backlinks where are prioritized by the search engines.

Where can I publish articles and get paid? ›

21 Amazing Sites That Will Pay You $100+ Per Article [Updated]
  • Fiverr.
  • Greatist.
  • Longreads.
  • Listverse.
  • Copyhackers.
  • Photoshop Tutorials.
  • Informed Comment.
  • The Travel Writer's Life.
1 Sept 2021

Where can I find good articles? ›

8 Great Places to Find Articles Worth Reading on the Web
  • Longform.
  • Longreads.
  • The Browser.
  • r/InDepthStories.
  • Pocket.
  • CoolTools: The Best Magazine Articles Ever.
  • Medium.
  • MakeUseOf.
6 Sept 2022

What is SEO submission? ›

Search engine submission is the act of submitting your website to be indexed by search engines. Submitting your URL to a search engines can sometimes take up to a month to be indexed. Usually, search engine submission is done through Google Webmaster Tools or Bing Webmaster Tools.

What is free directory submission? ›

Directory submission, the primary feature of off-page search engine optimization, is a mechanism that includes the submission of website links or URLs, as well as other website information, in a web directory within a certain category.

Does directory submission still work? ›

Yes, it does, but only when done right. Online directories, if you remember right, literally worked like Yellow Pages of the Internet that helped people a lot in their daily searches.

How many types of submission are there in SEO? ›

There are radically nine type of submission but a few of them can be converted a little.

How do I get my blog rank higher on Google? ›

Blog SEO: 17 Tips to Make Your Blog Rank Higher on Google (With Real Examples)
  1. Find niche topics (and relevant keywords)
  2. Utilize Keywords.
  3. Create Buyer Personas.
  4. Publish long content.
  5. Increase page loading speed.
  6. Optimize images.
  7. Increase dwell time.
  8. Reduce Bounce rate.
21 May 2019

Which blog is best for SEO? ›

The Top SEO Blogs to Follow in 2023
  1. Google Search Central Blog. 582 votes Vote Now. ...
  2. SEMRush SEO Blog. 466 votes Vote Now. ...
  3. Ahrefs Blog. 340 votes Vote Now. ...
  4. Search Engine Land. 311 votes Vote Now. ...
  5. Moz Blog. 292 votes Vote Now. ...
  6. Search Engine Journal. 289 votes Vote Now. ...
  7. Search Engine Watch. 268 votes Vote Now. ...
  8. Search Engine Roundtable.
2 Sept 2022

How do I get my blog noticed 2022? ›

17 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Blog In 2022
  1. Publish Long-Form Blog Posts.
  2. Write About Trending Topics.
  3. Use Long Blog Post Headlines.
  4. Comment on Related Blogs.
  5. Repurpose Content For Different Platforms.
  6. Promote New Content In Email Newsletters.
  7. Guest Blog On Legit Blogs In Your Niche.
  8. Optimize Your Blog Posts For SEO.
8 Nov 2021

How do I create SEO keywords? ›

  1. Step 1: Make a list of important, relevant topics based on what you know about your business. ...
  2. Step 2: Fill in those topic buckets with keywords. ...
  3. Step 3: Understand How Intent Affects Keyword Research and Analyze Accordingly. ...
  4. Step 4: Research related search terms. ...
  5. Step 5: Use keyword research tools to your advantage.
7 Jan 2022

How many keywords should I use in a blog post? ›

A good rule of thumb is to focus on one or two long-tail keywords per blog post. While you can use more than one keyword in a single post, keep the focus of the post narrow enough to allow you to spend time optimizing for just one or two keywords.

How do I find my target keywords? ›

Three steps to target keywords with your blog.
Here's an easy three-step process for targeting keywords with blog content.
  1. Step 1: Identify keyword opportunities. ...
  2. Step 2: Narrow down your topic. ...
  3. Step 3: Write and optimize your post.
21 Jul 2010

Where can I find high ranking keywords? ›

To find ranking keywords for your site or a competitors site using Keyword Explorer, follow these steps:
  1. Type in your website URL into Keyword Explorer.
  2. Select the country where you audience is based.
  3. Click the Analyze button.
  4. You'll see Top Ranking Keywords.
  5. Click Ranking Keywords on the left panel to view more keywords.

How do I find my Google ranking? ›

If you want to check your SEO rankings on Google and don't want to count the results individually, only a live rank checker can help. Simply enter your keyword (this can also be a group of words or a phrase) and add your domain. By clicking on "Check ranking", your ranking is retrieved within seconds.

How long does it take for a blog to show up on Google? ›

Although it varies, it seems to take as little as 4 days and up to 6 months for a site to be crawled by Google and attribute authority to the domain. When you publish a new blog post, site page, or website in general, there are many factors that determine how quickly it will be indexed by Google.

Is Guest blogging paid? ›

Money. Yes, guest bloggers are often, but not always, paid for their efforts. In fact, many people make a good living simply by writing guest blogs.

Can I get paid to write blogs? ›

The potential for blogging is virtually unlimited. Well-established bloggers like Ryan Robinson—who runs a blog about blogging—can make upward of $30,000 per month. Adam Enfroy, who started blogging about the business of blogging in 2019 as a side hustle, generated $1.5 million from his blog just two years later.

How much should I charge for a guest post on my blog? ›

So let's break it down into the top metrics most people look at when paying for a guest post. They're broken down into four different types: DA. DR.
Don't Over Pay For A Guest Post.
TrafficPublishing Fee
Under 1000$10-50
1,000 – 3999$30 – $60
4,000 – 9,999$40-1000
3 more rows
24 Jun 2019

How do guests post for beginners? ›

A guide to guest posting
  1. Step 1: Get organized. ...
  2. Step 2: Find guest blogging opportunities. ...
  3. Step 3: Send your pitch. ...
  4. Step 4: Send a follow-up email. ...
  5. Step 5: Write your guest post. ...
  6. Step 6: Thank the editor and reply to comments. ...
  7. Step 7: Link to your guest post from other guest posts.
12 Jul 2021

Is guest blogging good for SEO? ›

Is Guest Blogging Good for SEO and Link Building? The short answer is yes.

Is guest posting easy? ›

A guest post is when an Author writes a piece of content under their own name for someone else's blog. Writing guest posts is an easy way to gain a lot of exposure quickly. But guest posts are also hard work. They require a lot more than just throwing a post up on a random page.

Is guest posting free? ›

Site owners widely use free guest posting to save money on sponsored articles. Some sites post content only on a paid basis, but there are also plenty of sites that do this free of charge. Search engines treat guest articles well, even if they are posted for money.

How do you introduce a guest blog? ›

Just as you would introduce a guest at a party, introduce your blogger online. An introductory paragraph explaining who the blogger is and what he or she will be blogging about is enough. Backlinks. It is customary to allow a guest blogger to write a short biography with a link to his or her own blog or website.

What are high da sites? ›

High-Authority, DoFollow Web 2.0 Sites List (FREE)
DomainAuthority (DA)Link Type
20 more rows

What is a web 3.0 website? ›

The difference between Web 2.0 and 3.0 is that Web 3.0 is more focused on the use of technologies like machine learning and AI to provide relevant content for each user instead of just the content other end users have provided.

How do I improve my da score? ›

How to Increase Domain Authority?
  1. Acquire High-Quality Backlinks from Authority Sites. ...
  2. Create Killer Content That's Link Worthy. ...
  3. Audit Your Site and Remove Bad Links. ...
  4. Optimize Your Website Structure and User Experience. ...
  5. Improve Your Internal Links. ...
  6. Moz Link Explorer.
  7. Ahrefs.
  8. SEMrush.
3 Mar 2022

What is a good DA number? ›

Scores between 40 and 50 are considered average. Domain Authority between 50 and 60 must be rated as good. Scores above 60 rate the Domain Authority as excellent.

What is PA in SEO? ›

The Page Authority, or PA, is a measure developed by Moz to which SmartKeyword, as a partner, gives you access. It gives on a scale of 1 to 100 a page's strength on a given website to appear in Google's first results.

How do I create a Web 2.0 website? ›

How to Build a Super Web 2.0 Backlinks
  1. Step 1: Sign-Up for 5-10 Different Web 2.0 Platforms. ...
  2. Step 2: Create the Blog(s) ...
  3. Step 3: Create About and Contact Pages. ...
  4. Step 4: Create the “Welcome” Post. ...
  5. Step 5: Populate the Blog With Relevant Content (Filler Content) ...
  6. Step 6: Post or Schedule Your Seed Article.
1 Jun 2020

Does Web 1.0 still exist? ›

Over the past 15 to 20 years, the bland webpages of Web 1.0 have been completely replaced by Web 2.0's interactivity, social connectivity, and user-generated content.

How do I write for SEO 2022? ›

Writing for SEO: Top tips from technical writers
  1. Understand the KPI of your writing. ...
  2. Create a structure based on a strategy. ...
  3. Find SEO keywords by using keyword research tools. ...
  4. Make sure your headers are in order. ...
  5. Write using the tone suited to your industry. ...
  6. Include relevant internal and external links.
26 May 2022

Do Blogs Help SEO 2022? ›

Blogs help build credibility, increase the chances of being found online (SEO), and allow you to share your expertise on multiple platforms.

Do Blogs Help SEO? ›

Blogging is good for SEO because it helps with a number of things that are important ranking factors. When you have a blog that's updated regularly with blog posts that are high quality and on topics relevant to your audience, it can make a huge difference to how your overall website performs in the search engines.

How do you write content ranks? ›

Top 10 SEO ranking factors
  1. Headings. Headings are the titles, varying in size, at the beginning of pages, sections, and paragraphs. ...
  2. Keywords based on SEO. ...
  3. High-quality content. ...
  4. Alt tags in the content for SEO. ...
  5. External links. ...
  6. Internal links. ...
  7. Mobile-friendliness. ...
  8. Page loading speed.

What is SEO article? ›

An SEO article is a piece of written content like a blog post that is featured on your website as a page with a unique URL. An SEO article educates, informs and/or entertains your target audience with expertise and quality.

How can I improve my Google SEO for free? ›

  1. Make your site interesting and useful.
  2. Know what your readers want (and give it to them)
  3. Act in a way that cultivates user trust.
  4. Make expertise and authoritativeness clear.
  5. Provide an appropriate amount of content for your subject.
  6. Avoid distracting advertisements.
  7. Use links wisely.

How Long Should blogs be? ›

After in-depth industry research and analyzing our very own results from the Wix Blog, we've found that the ideal blog post length is between 1,500 - 2,500 words, with a sweet spot right at 2,450.

How many words should a blog be for SEO? ›

According to a HubSpot study from 2021, the ideal blog post length for SEO should be 2,100-2,400 words. That's a lot longer than the 200- or 500-word blog posts most writers or webmasters think is ideal.

What type of content is best for SEO? ›

Here are the types of content that are best for SEO.
  • Authoritative Blog Posts. In a world where content is a top ranking factor, it's but normal for a website to have its own blog. ...
  • Infographics. ...
  • Videos. ...
  • Trending Content. ...
  • How-To Guides. ...
  • Lists. ...
  • Extra Resources for SEO Content.
31 Oct 2018

How can I increase my SEO content? ›

Follow these suggestions to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and watch your website rise the ranks to the top of search-engine results.
  1. Publish Relevant, Authoritative Content. ...
  2. Update Your Content Regularly. ...
  3. Metadata. ...
  4. Have a link-worthy site. ...
  5. Use alt tags.


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