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Best Criminology Schools in UK -Many UK universities offer degrees in criminology, but some are excellent. Factors that contribute to the success of the university include graduate prospects, industry connections, and student satisfaction rates.

What is Criminology?

Criminology is a field of science closely related to sociology, which studies the causes of the existence and persistence of crime in society. Degree programs are offered at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels and are often very interdisciplinary.

Students develop analytical skills that will prepare them for entry-level positions in criminal laboratories as forensic specialists, private detectives, law enforcement officers, and other criminal justice professions. Typical salaries in this area vary greatly depending on education level, job title and general career path.

Criminology is the study of what?

Criminology studies crime, its definition, causes and consequences. It examines the functions of the criminal justice system and our response to crimes outside the criminal justice system, as well as the treatment of victims and persons identified as criminals. Criminologists work behind the scenes to support law enforcement and criminal justice in society.

What do Criminologists do?

Criminologists use a variety of theoretical perspectives and use a range of research methods to broaden our understanding of crime and criminal justice. Forensic graduates continue to enjoy a variety of careers, including criminal profiling, investigation and forensic psychology.

What can you do with a Criminology degree?

Graduates of criminology programs are ready to find work in various fields. A bachelor’s degree in criminology can be obtained in four years, and another two years, usually for a master’s degree. Those who are interested in applied research or teaching at the college level may need another three to six years to obtain a doctorate.

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People who enjoy working with people can find work as correctional workers, counselors or rehabilitators. There are also vacancies in local, state and federal governments to develop and evaluate policies and procedures related to the legal and criminal justice system, such as policy analysts and legal assistants. Research careers in criminology and sociology are possible at the doctoral level in universities, think tanks and government agencies.

What are the qualities of a criminologist?

As criminologists study criminal behavior and its impact on society, they must have a deep interest in people and the fields of psychology and sociology. The specialization also includes research-related courses, so future criminologists should be prepared to study mathematics, including statistics, computing, and data analytics. In addition, the study of crime and deviant behavior – and later practice in this area – can be mentally difficult, so future forensic scientists must take care of their mental health.

What is the salary of a criminologist?

The average annual salary of detectives and criminal investigators performing such work was $ 79,970 as of 2017.3 Sociologists who can conduct crime and criminal behavior research received a similar average salary of $ 79,650. received an average salary of $ 51,410 and expected a 5-9% increase in jobs by 2026

Why study Criminology in Criminology Schools in UK?

UK universities have an impressive international reputation and are among the best in the world. The UK has high teaching standards, and UK universities are regularly inspected by the Higher Education Quality Assurance Agency. Most undergraduate courses last three years, while most postgraduate programs last only one year, and admission to shorter courses means faster graduation and less money for tuition and living expenses.

Education in the UK is recognized by employers, universities and governments around the world. Academic standards have a high prestige, and your degree will provide you with a solid foundation to increase your potential for a higher salary and to find the job you are looking for.

What are the jobs you can do with a criminology take degree?

  • Law enforcement, police, correctional work
  • Public or regional planning
  • Victim, witness, youth and family
  • Advocacy
  • Consulting firms
  • Criminal, forensic and private investigations
  • Public administration, risk management
  • International agencies and development organizations
  • Education and academia
  • Government Policy Analyst or Researcher, Canadian Civil Service Commission
  • Foreign Service Officer, Immigration Officer

Best Criminology Schools in UK 2022

· University of Manchester

The University of Manchester is recognized as one of the best universities in the world, and currently ranks 27th in the QS World University Rankings 2021. As a law student at the University of Manchester, you will be able to develop your skills and contribute to your community through the great opportunities to volunteer and change the situation for the better. By studying for a bachelor’s degree in criminology, you will gain an understanding of crime and the institutions of criminal justice in their social, economic and political contexts.

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· University of Leicester

The School of Criminology at the University of Leicester is an intensive, multidisciplinary community of criminologists. The university is a former winner of the Times University of the Year and now ranks 170th in the world in the Times Higher Education (THE) world rankings. Leicester has one of the few schools in the country dedicated exclusively to teaching and researching criminology, and we have some of the UK’s leading criminologists. In this way, you will benefit from a clean, focused and final education in the study of crime.


· University of Stirling

The University of Stirling is a leading university in Scotland, which regularly holds high ratings in the areas of international student satisfaction and student experience. It was named the Sports University of the Year 2020 (Times University Handbook) and is home to more than 14,000 students. You will explore exciting issues related to the criminal justice system, the social context of crime, and the relationship between behavior and punishment.


· Canterbury Christ Church University

The Canterbury Church of Christ has existed since the 1960s. The school has two campuses, with the center with the main campus in Canterbury, the other in Medway, and the center in Tanbridge Wells. In addition to criminology courses, there are many sports events and sports clubs for students, of which the University offers many scholarships for students who are talented in sports, thanks to the emphasis they place on sports.

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· LiverpoolJohnMoores University (LJMU)

The history of the university dates back to 1823. John Moore University of Liverpool is one of the largest universities in the United Kingdom. It is a public research university with research that has a strong impact on politicians around the world to find lasting solutions to global problems and to improve and enhance people’s lives. It is one of the best criminology schools in the UK.


· Buckinghamshire New University

The new University of Buckinghamshire is over one hundred and twenty-five years old. It is a higher education institution for many international students. It seeks to provide a new and the latest kind of university education. The university is well focused on helping students develop and take the lead in their chosen areas of the real industry.


· University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)

The University of Central Lancashire has more than three hundred undergraduate programs and more than two hundred graduate programs. It has campuses in Preston, Burnley, Cumbria and Cyprus. The Preston campus is the university’s main campus. It is one of the best criminology schools in the UK with criminology departments offering many courses such as criminology and criminal justice, criminology and psychology, law and criminology, criminology and sociology. There is financial aid to help students pay for their education.

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· University of East London

The University of East London has two campuses located in London’s Dockland and Stratford, with Dockland Railway Station, Olympic Park and Westfield Mall in Stratford. The university also pays attention to volunteer community projects as a way to give back to society. It is one of the best criminology schools in the UK with many courses in the field. Some of them are criminology and criminal justice, criminology and psychology, criminology and law.


· UCEN Manchester

The University is a higher education institution with a wide range of learning opportunities for students of natural sciences, arts and humanities. Research focuses on hands-on activities to give students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience that can be applied to real-life situations that will be useful when their careers are fully launched in the fields of their choice.

The campuses are located in the north, south and center of Manchester. Students studying at these criminology schools in the UK get the best because they are allowed to work as students in the fields they choose. There are opportunities for financial aid for their students so that they can pay their tuition bills.


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· University of South Wales (USW)

The University of South Wales is another of our best criminology schools in the UK. They offer a range of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs for students. Located in the countryside, it provides a beautiful landscape in addition to the excellent value of learning. It is one of the largest universities in the United Kingdom. He also has some financial support for students studying there.



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Where is the best place to study criminology? ›

Best Universities For Criminology
  • University of Cambridge, Institute of Criminology.
  • University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.
  • University of Florida, Gainesville, FLA.
  • Griffith University, Australia.
  • University of Sydney, Institute of Criminology.
  • Victoria University of Wellington, School of Social and Cultural Studies.
1 Apr 2015

What school has the best criminology major? ›

Best Schools for Criminology in the United States
  • #1. University of Pennsylvania. ...
  • #2. University of Maryland - College Park. ...
  • #3. University of California - Irvine. ...
  • #4. University of Delaware. ...
  • University of Florida. Gainesville, FL. ...
  • #6. University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. ...
  • #7. ...
  • Saint Joseph's University.

Does criminology pay well UK? ›

How much you might earn: Average salaries are around £27,000. This will depend on where you're located and whether you work for a government agency or a charity. Salaries can rise to £38,000 with experience.

What are the three famous school of criminology? ›

There were three main schools of thought in early criminological theory, spanning the period from the mid-18th century to the mid-twentieth century: Classical, Positivist, and Chicago.

What are the 4 schools of criminology? ›

There are four popular schools of Criminology, they are:
  • Pre-Classical School.
  • Classical School.
  • Positivist School.
  • Neo-Classical School.

What is the hardest part in criminology? ›

There is no hard part in Criminology; you just focus as possible. If you have passion to solve a crime, you won't get distracted by other things, and your focus is on your puzzle to solve. It's like a game called Chess, you think strategically and you focus on what's your next best move. I hope this helps.

What are the 6 major areas of criminology? ›

The course covers the six areas of concentration, such as Criminal Law and Jurisprudence, Law Enforcement Administration, Forensics/Criminalistics, Crime Detection and Investigation, Sociology of Crimes and Ethics, and Correctional Administration.

Is criminology an A level UK? ›

Q: Is criminology an A level course? A: No, criminology is a level 3 applied general qualification awarded by the WJEC exam board and is a two year course.

What is the highest paying job in criminology UK? ›

9 interesting criminology degree jobs
  1. Police detective. National average salary: £11.34 per hour. ...
  2. Correctional officer. National average salary: £23,062 per year. ...
  3. Forensic scientist. National average salary: £23,571 per year. ...
  4. Crime scene technician. ...
  5. Private investigator. ...
  6. Crime analyst. ...
  7. Lecturer. ...
  8. Forensic pathologist.

How much do criminologist make UK? ›

CRIMINOLOGY Salaries in United Kingdom

The national average salary for a CRIMINOLOGY is £33,977 in United Kingdom.

Is criminology a difficult major? ›

Criminology is definitely easier than majors in the STEM or medical field. Still, students must be willing to work hard and stay dedicated to be able to earn a bachelor's in criminology. It's also important for them to have a strong mind and body given the nature of the career waiting for them after graduation.

Is a degree in criminology worth it? ›

Many people might consider criminology to be a good career choice because of the variety of career paths available to criminology professionals. There are positions for individuals at varying levels of education, and a criminology degree can enhance your chances of advancement in your chosen field.

What are your top 3 preferred career in taking up criminology? ›

If you are interested in taking up criminology, here are the career opportunities you can consider:
  • Police officer. Remember when most of your playmates dreamed of being a police officer? ...
  • Investigator. The work of an investigator or detective is as cool as it sounds, but also risky! ...
  • Forensic specialist. ...
  • Social worker.
10 Aug 2018

What is the highest job in criminology? ›

Here, you will find some of the highest paying criminal justice jobs available.
  • #1 – Judge and Hearing Officers. Median Annual Salary: $128,710. ...
  • #2 – Attorney or Lawyer. ...
  • #3 – FBI Specialist. ...
  • #4 – FBI Agent. ...
  • #5 – Criminologist. ...
  • #6 – Financial Examiner. ...
  • #7 – Intelligence Analyst. ...
  • #8 – Forensic Psychologist.
28 Sept 2022

What job can criminology get you? ›

Career options for Criminology graduates
  • Community worker.
  • Correctional officer.
  • Crime analyst.
  • Crime scene technician.
  • Criminologist.
  • Detective.
  • Government officer.
  • Immigration officer.

What is the highest salary of criminology? ›

As per Payscale, the average salary of a Criminologist is INR 3,50,000 LPA. For a Criminal Analyst, the average pay is INR 5,46,921 LPA. Thereafter, a Criminal Defense Lawyer can expect to earn between INR 1,94,000 to INR 30,00,000 LPA in India.

Who is the 2 father of criminology? ›

The father of modern criminology was Cesare Lombroso.

Who is the 3 father of criminology? ›

Cesare Lombroso: Father of Modern Criminology - The University of Sheffield Kaltura Digital Media Hub.

Who is the most famous criminologist in the world? ›

One of the most influential criminologists of the 20th Century, Edwin Sutherland authored Principles of Criminology, a popular textbook.

What are the 5 phases of criminology? ›

There are 5 stages to a criminal case that everyone arrested needs to know about. They five stages are as follows: the first appearance, the arraignment, motions, pre-trial conference and trial.

What are the two major schools of criminology? ›

Modern criminology is the product of two main schools of thought: The classical school originating in the 18th century, and the positivist school originating in the 19th century.

What are the major schools of criminology? ›

The four major schools of criminology are the pre- classical school, the classical school, the neo-classical school and the positivist school. All the aforementioned schools of criminology defined the aspect of criminology in their own terms according to their beliefs, customs, knowledge and the prevalent time period2.

What do you call a criminology student? ›

A graduate of BS in Criminology who passed the Criminologist Licensure Examination is called a Criminologist.

Which is better criminology or psychology? ›

Criminology is the study of crime, so it goes further into crime than criminal psychology. It looks at law and social issues, penology and victimology. Criminal psychology is the study of criminal's behaviour and habits. But it doesn't look at laws, punishments, the effect on society, etc.

Is criminology a lot of math? ›

The major also includes research-related classes, so prospective criminology majors should be prepared to take math courses, particularly in statistics, calculus and data analytics.

Does criminology need math? ›

Answer and Explanation: Yes, criminology depends on an understanding of mathematics, especially statistics. It is important for researchers to be able to analyze things such as incarceration rates, economic trends, and other such factors.

What are the 7 categories of crime? ›

Types of crime
  • Antisocial behaviour. Antisocial behaviour is when you feel intimidated or distressed by a person's behaviour towards you.
  • Arson. ...
  • Burglary. ...
  • Childhood abuse. ...
  • Crime abroad. ...
  • Cybercrime and online fraud. ...
  • Domestic abuse. ...
  • Fraud.
17 Mar 2022

What grades do you need for criminology? ›

What are the entry requirements? You will need five GCSEs grade 5 (C) or above including maths and English language, or a BTEC in a relevant subject with distinction grades and GCSE maths and English grade 5 or above.

What careers can criminology lead to UK? ›

Job options
  • Civil service administrator.
  • Community development worker.
  • Crime scene investigator.
  • Detective.
  • Police officer.
  • Prison officer.
  • Probation officer.
  • Social worker.

How do I study criminology UK? ›

Criminology Entry Requirements

Typical International Baccalaureate requirements: Minimum 30 points. Typical A-levels requirements: BBB, with a balance of arts, humanities or science subjects. Typical IELTS requirements: 6.0 overall, with no lower than 5.5 in any one component.

What GCSE do u need for criminology? ›

In order to study a Diploma in Criminology students need to achieve a Grade 4 or above in English and in one of the following GCSE's: History, Sociology, Law, Psychology, Citizenship or another comparable Humanities subject.

Can I be a lawyer with a criminology degree? ›

Studying this balanced combination of law and criminology means that you have a great choice of career options to choose from. Not only could you continue your studies to become a qualified lawyer, but you can consider careers in politics, journalism, business or criminal investigation and analysis.

How much do UK detectives get paid? ›

Average £16.36 per hour

Is this useful?

What type of law gets paid the most UK? ›

The most profitable legal area is commercial and corporate law, where solicitors can easily earn over £100,000 a year. Commercial lawyers provide business-related advice to companies, making sure that they comply with regulation and a particular country's legal system.

How long does it take to become a criminologist UK? ›

You can get these criminology qualifications within a year – although you have up to two years if you need it. Assuming you're keen to get on to your criminology university course as quickly as possible, this will help you to achieve that.

What is the highest paying forensic job UK? ›

Highest paying cities for Forensic Scientists near United Kingdom
  • Edinburgh. £32,276 per year. 5 salaries reported.
  • Coventry. £18,309 per year. 6 salaries reported.
  • Burton-On-Trent. £15,500 per year. 12 salaries reported.
10 Oct 2022

How much does a criminologist make in London? ›

CRIMINOLOGY Salaries in London Area

The average salary for CRIMINOLOGY is £40,814 per year in the London Area.

What are the disadvantages of criminology? ›

The work can be frustrating and can cause feelings of guilt if clues are missed and criminals are not apprehended. Criminology is also intellectually tedious because it requires a lot of detailed record keeping and report writing, which can seem unrelated to real-world progress against crime.

What degree is better criminology or criminal justice? ›

Both criminology and criminal justice are important fields, but they serve different purposes. If students want to work in research or policy, they should study criminology. If learners want to work in law enforcement or the legal system, they should study criminal justice.

Are criminologists in demand? ›

Criminology graduates generally have a positive career outlook to look forward to. If we take a look at the job outlook of sociologists, which typically include criminologists, the employment rate is projected to grow by 4% between 2019 and 2029 (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2021).

Who comes first crime or law? ›

Law. Because without law, there is no crime.

Is criminology an art or a science? ›

Yes, criminology is one of the social sciences. It is an interdisciplinary field, and makes use of the knowledge and methods used by sociologists, psychologists, as well as other academic and professional disciplines. Criminologists study criminal behavior.

How much is the salary of criminologist? ›

An entry level sociologist criminology (1-3 years of experience) earns an average salary of ₱359,386. On the other end, a senior level sociologist criminology (8+ years of experience) earns an average salary of ₱620,618.

What are good criminology skills? ›

Skills and knowledge
  • knowledge of sociology and anthropology for understanding society and culture.
  • excellent written communication skills.
  • knowledge of teaching and the ability to design courses.
  • analytical thinking skills.
  • maths knowledge.
  • to be thorough and pay attention to detail.

Where is the best place work to be a criminology? ›

The most abundant employment opportunities for criminology majors are in utilities companies and retail companies. California, Washington, New York, Alaska, and Connecticut are some of the states with the best salaries for criminology major graduates in the US.

Why do students choose criminology? ›

It helps understand the mindset of criminals: Criminology helps understand the mindset of criminals, why they commit crimes, and the factors that affect them. This helps in the proper allocation of resources to control crime.

What university has the best forensic science program UK? ›

1. University of Kent. The University of Kent has a worldwide reputation for excellence in both research and teaching in forensic science, currently ranked the best in the UK in the Guardian and the second best in the UK for graduate prospects by the CUG.

Is studying criminology hard? ›

Difficult Academic Requirements

The academic training of a criminologist is rigorous, according to "The Princeton Review." Entry-level criminologist jobs require a minimum of a bachelor's degree, usually in sociology, psychology or criminology.

WHAT A levels do you need for criminology? ›

What A Levels do I need? There are no specific A-Levels required, although some courses may ask for a Maths GCSE – to help with the statistics side of the degree. Sociology or Psychology A-Levels may be an advantage, although institutions are interested in the grades that students hold.

What is a criminologist salary UK? ›

The average salary for a Criminologist is £25,530. £19k - £40k. £27 - £18k. Profit Sharing. £0 - £2k.

What are the 6 subjects of criminology? ›

The course covers the six areas of concentration, such as Criminal Law and Jurisprudence, Law Enforcement Administration, Forensics/Criminalistics, Crime Detection and Investigation, Sociology of Crimes and Ethics, and Correctional Administration.

What job in criminology makes the most money? ›

Jobs are presented in order of average income, according to current Payscale data.
  • Immigrations and Customs Inspectors. ...
  • Forensic Accountants and Financial Examiners. ...
  • College Professor. ...
  • Arbitrators, Mediators, and Conciliators. ...
  • Fire Inspectors and Investigators. ...
  • Forensic Science Technicians. ...
  • Fish and Game Wardens.

Which country is best to study forensic? ›

A. Some of the best countries to study MS in Forensic Science are the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK. Q.

Do forensic scientists get paid well UK? ›

Salaries for forensic scientists typically start at around £20,000. With experience, this can increase to between £25,000 and £35,000. Salaries at senior levels can exceed £45,000.


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